Created by John Broome and Gil Kane

The Original Universe


Occupation: Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Homeworld: Barrio III
Space Sector: 1416
Race: Barriites
Group Affiliation (former): Green Lantern Corps, Alpha-Lanterns
Sector Partner: Diamalon (deceased)
Gender: Male
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Black
Distinguishing Features: Chaselon was a sphere-shaped crystalline being.
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 2 #9 (November-December 1961): "The Battle of the Power Rings!"
Creators: John Broome and Gil Kane


The champion of Barrio III, Chaselon was a veteran member of the Green Lantern Corps. His homeworld was inhabited by a race of crystalline beings that possess thirteen senses. The Barriites could communicate with each other through space-time by way of a "universal harmonic". In an effort to resemble the more numerous humanoid races, the people of Barrio III wore wigs and robotic appendages.

Chaselon met Hal Jordan of Earth during the Green Lantern Conferences on the planet Yquem. There the Green Lanterns were attacked by Sinestro. Working with other members of the Corps, Chaselon would later assist in the recapture of escaped criminals on the Guardians' prison planet.

Years later, Chaselon was faced with the threat of the Missile Men. The robotic marauders travelled through tachyon space warps, stripping over a dozen worlds of their metal structures and machinery. Barrio III was in the path of their ultimate target, Earth.

Chaselon met the Missile Men in space and attempted to thwart their plans. Though he tried to defend his homeworld, the robotic swarm was too much for him. He was injured too severly to continue the struggle. The robots would ultimately meet their match on Earth, fighting the Metal Men.

Despite this defeat, the Green Lantern of Barrio III served valiantly in many battles, defending Oa from the Weaponers of Qward in the Power War, and saving the universe from the return of Krona, and Nekron, his unliving master. Chaselon was also active during the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which many Space Sectors were destroyed.

When the Guardians of the Universe and their Zamaron mates left our plane of existence, they abolished the Green Lantern Corps' assignment to individual sectors. Chaselon decided to remain in Space Sector 1416. He would also patrol Katma Tui's sector 1417 and Salakk's sector 1418. Chaselon's adventures in these three sectors are unrevealed. Chaselon lost his power ring after the trial and execution of Sinestro.

Over time, the lone Guardian Appa Ali Apsa went mad. In attempting to assuage his loneliness, he killed Green Lantern Priest and forced John Stewart into a mind union. To bring more minds to Oa, Appa Ali Apsa tore cities from the worlds he had visited. Barrio III was one of these worlds victimized by the insane Guardian. When Guy Gardner was called to help Hal Jordan fight Appa, he hid on the Barritte city until it reached Oa. Under orders from the Guardian, the Barrittes fought Gardner.

It was through the combined efforts of Jordan, Gardner, Stewart and the returning Guardians of the Universe that the insane Guardian was defeated. The rightful Guardians claimed they did not have the power to return the cities to their respective homeworlds.

Chaselon and Larvox of Sputa were among the few veteran Green Lanterns chosen by Jordan to join the newly reformed Green Lantern Corps. Following the actions of Appa Ali Apsa, the Guardians may have assigned Jordan to give the Green Lantern of Barrio III a power ring to placate the Barritte city on Oa.

Chaselon joined with Hal Jordan and Brik of Dryad to help recruit silicon based life forms for the Corps. It was during this mission that the Barriite city on the Oan Mosaic world contacted their Green Lantern. Using their species' "universal harmonic", they reached across space and time to warn Chaselon of the uprising against John Stewart on Oa. The arriving Green Lanterns were ordered to prevent hostilities between the many races. Although the cities would not be returned to their homeworlds yet, the uprising was quelled for the moment.

To further increase the growing membership of the Corps, each Green Lantern was required to recruit twelve new members. Boodikka of Bellatrix, a warrior woman, was one of Chaselon's first recruits. Though Hal Jordan had some misgivings about Boodikka, she was pressed into service against Star Sapphire.

The Corps would continue to branch out as each member was assigned to recruit other emerald warriors. The Green Lanterns fought a major battle on Maltus against The Triarch. They were both assisted and resisted by the Darkstars and the L.E.G.I.O.N.

Chaselon was in deep space recruiting Green Lanterns when the Barriite city on Oa's Mosaic was returned to his homeworld. He was soon called to action against Hal Jordan who was on his way to Oa to steal the power of the Central Battery.

The Green Lantern Corps were pitched in a terrible but futile battle against Jordan. The Green Lantern of Earth absorbed the power of the Central Power Battery, causing the disintegration of power rings from across the universe.

Traveling to Oa, Guy Gardner and a Justice League Strike Force came upon the bodies of a dozen ringless Green Lanterns. Former Green Lantern Probert was tending the body of Graf Toren of Karax, preparing his friend's journey to the afterlife. Chaselon's shattered body was floating in space among the dead.

It is not known at what point Chaselon was actually killed, whether before or after the destruction of the battery and the disintegration of the power rings. According to Probert, Hal Jordan had killed the Green Lanterns.


As a Green Lantern, Chaselon possessed a power ring and power battery.


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I made a minor change in the story from Metal Men Vol. 1 #54. Chaselon's homeworld of Barrio III is said to be in Space Sector 2345 but I'm going with Space Sector 1416 as stated in the GREEN LANTERN title.