Unofficial Chronos Index

Chronos 5


Cover Date: July 1998
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Paul Guinan
Inks: Steve Leialoha

Story: "Legacies" (22 Pages)


StoryJohn Francis Moore
PencilsPaul Guinan
InksDoug Vines, Dexter Vines
LetteringKen Bruzenak
ColorsMike Danza
Assistant editingChuck Kim
EditingArchie Goodwin

Feature Character(s):

Walker Gabriel (see Comment for chronological information)

Supporting Character(s):

Alex Damaskinos (in 1998 and then 1865; also in flashback preceding issue #2)
Jean Loring (last in issue #3)
Esteban Luis Navarro (first appearance; a member of the Lucas Goodfellow troupe; in 1865)
Lucas Goodfellow (in 1865; last in issue #2; also in flashback preceding issue #2)
Tsui Fei Hong (first appearance; Walker's father; in between flashback in issue #11, page 11, panels 3 and 4)

Other Character(s):

Teresa Gabriel (first appearance; Walker's adoptive mother; in 1985)
Michael Gabriel (first appearance; Walker's adoptive father; in 1985)
Gravesend (first appearance; in between flashback in issue #11, page 11, panels 3 and 4)
The Lucas Goodfellow troupe (in flashback preceding issue #2)


The 23 years old Walker Gabriel appears first in 1998, then Sumeria, then 2113 A.D., then in Gorilla City, then in Rome?, then The Temple of Eternity, Chateau D'Arbanvile in France (1865 A.D.), then 11th-century China, then back to France (1865 A.D.), then Present 1998, then in 1985 (Walker's past), then in Chronopolis (end of Time), and then back to the Present 1998.
A 10 year old Walker Gabriel appears in 1985 with his adoptive mother 8 months before her death.