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Created by Jerry Siegel and Leo Nowak

The Original Universe


Full Name: Dr. Charles Grayson
Identity: Public
Occupation: Surgeon and inventor
Status: Deceased (but body inhabited by Robert Crane)
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Presumed Single
Known Relatives: Dick Grayson (distant cousin)
Base of Operation: New York City, NY
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Star Spangled Comics #7/4 (April 1942): "Robot-Man"
Creators: Jerry Siegel and Leo Nowak


Dr. Chuck Grayson was the trusted aide of the World War II era hero Robotman. After his death, Grayson donated his body to his friend so that the Robotman's brain could once again inhabit a human body.


Along with Dr. Robert Crane, Chuck Grayson pioneered building the first fully cybernetic human body in late 1941. Grayson's skills as a surgeon were to be used in attaching a living human brain to the frame, but he never planned that it would be his partner who would be the donor, after being killed by a gang of mistaken robbers. After hours of grueling surgery, Grayson passed out only to be discovered by the police and arrested for the murder of his partner.

After Crane awoke in his new robotic shell, he captured the real criminals and freed his friend. Grayson continued to work with Crane, perfecting the body and aiding him in his mission for a time until returning to pure research.

Many decades later, after Crane had gone missing, Grayson discovered that he was suffering from a rare brain cancer and rather than dying, had his body preserved and when Robotman returned, had his body used as a vessel for Crane's brain. (It is rumored that the surgery was performed by Niles Caulder, who performed a similar surgery on the second Robotman ,Cliff Steele.)


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