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Countdown: Arena 4


Cover Date: February 2008
Cover Price: $3.99
Publication Date: 2007-12-28


Cover Credits:
Art: Andy Kubert (signed)
Colors: Pete Carlsson (signed)

Story: "All Fall Down" (38 Pages)


StoryKeith Champagne
PencilsScott McDaniel
InksAndy Owens
LetteringJohn J. Hill
ColorsGuy Major
Assistant editingHarvey Richards
EditingMichael Siglain

Feature Character(s):

Batman (Earth-19)
The Bat (Earth-40; dies)
Batman (Earth-43; last in issue #1; next Countdown #13)
Breach (Tim Zanetti of Earth-8; dies)
Captain Atom (Earth-38; dies)
Quantum-Storm (Ronnie Raymond & Nathaniel Adam of Earth-37; dies)
Brigadier Atom (Earth-13; dies)
Atumm (Earth-?; dies)
Quantum Mechanix (Earth-?; dies)
President Atom (Earth-?; dies)
Quantum Boy (Earth-?; dies)
Captain Adamma (Earth-?; dies)
Apollo (Earth-50)
Captain Atom (Earth-30; first appearance; dies)
Flash (Jay Garrick of Earth-2)
Johnny Quick (Earth-3)
Flash (Lia Nelson of Earth-9)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan of Earth-12; last in issue #2)
Green Lantern (Bruce Wayne of Earth-32; last in issue #2)
Ray (Ray Palmer of Earth-6)
Eve of Shadows (Eve Eden of Earth-13)
Scarab (Earth-26; last in issue #2; next in Countdown #13)
Starwoman (Courtney Whitmore of Earth-7)
Superman (Christopher Kent of Earth-16; dies)
Superman (Earth-30; next in Countdown #14)
Superman (Earth-31)
Wonder Woman (Diana of Earth-21)
Wonder Woman (Diana Trevor of Earth-34)


Monarch (next in Countdown #17)
Monarch's soldiers


Numerous variations of "Captain Atom" appear in what is dubbed "The Captain Atom Brigade."
Though Monarch departs with his new army of Batman (Earth-43), Johnny Quick (Earth-3), Green Lantern (Earth-12), the Ray (Earth-6), Eve of Shadows (Earth-13), Scarab (Earth-26), Starwoman (Earth-7), Superman (Earth-30), and Wonder Woman (Earth-34), only Scarab, Batman and Superman are seen (very briefly) in the Countdown series.

Story Reprinted in:

Countdown: Arena ([October] 2008)


The Captain Atoms attempt to over throw the Monarch, but before any of that can be done, it comes down the biggest Arena event: the battle of the Supermen! Who will come out victorious? And can the remaining heroes find a way out? The final fight happens here!