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Detective Comics 572


Cover Date: March 1987
Cover Price: $1.25


Cover Credits:
Art: Klaus Janson (signed)

Story: "The Doomsday Book" (54 Pages)


StoryMike W. Barr
PencilsAlan Davis, Terry Beatty, Carmine Infantino, E.R. Cruz
InksAlan Davis, Dick Giordano, Al Vey, E.R. Cruz, Paul Neary
LetteringJohn Workman, Todd Klein, Romeo Francisco
ColorsAdrienne Roy, Carl Gafford
EditingDennis O'Neil

Feature Character(s):

Batman (last in Question Vol. 1 #2; next in Captain Atom #2)

Guest Star(s):

Sherlock Holmes (also in flashback to December 1886)
Elongated Man (last in Justice League of America #258; next in Adventures of Superman #442)
Slam Bradley (last in issue #500/2; next in Superman Vol. 2 #44)

Supporting Character(s):

Robin II (next in ???)
Dr. Watson (in flashback to 1886)
Inspector Lestrade (in flashback to 1886)


Professor Moriarty (behind the scenes in 1886)
Edgar Moriarty
Brendan (one of Edgar Moriarty's henchmen)
Inspector Foxborough (a corrupt English policeman)
Patricia Brewster (in flashback to 1886; one of Moriarty's agents)

Other Character(s):

Bruno (a waiter)
Thomas Morgan (a.k.a. Thomas Moriarty)
Mary Watson
Richard Waid (curator of the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London)
Dr. Nigel Brewster (in flashback to 1886)
Queen Elizabeth II


The flashback to 1886 is an "untold tale" of Sherlock Holmes entitled "The Adventure of the Red Leech."


Batman, Robin, Slam Bradley and Elongated Man all become involved in the same case, arriving through various different angles. The great-grandnephew of Holmes' infamous opponent Professor Moriarty has chosen to revisit, and vastly improve upon, his relative's greatest failure. He will assassinate the Queen of England 100 years to the day since the first Moriarty failed to get rid of Queen Victoria. Aided by Dr. Watson's granddaughter, the detectives rescue Queen Elizabeth from an exploding replica of the Domesday book. They are also given a surprise assist by Sherlock Holmes himself, who was remained alive thanks to an excellent diet and the pure air of the Tibetan mountains. Holmes gives his blessing to his friend's granddaughter, and to her fiancé, another descendant of Moriarty, but one who has not inherited the strain of evil.