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Detective Comics 702


Cover Date: October 1996
Cover Price: $1.95


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Graham Nolan (signed)
Inks: Bill Sienkiewicz (signed)
Colors: Patrick Martin

Story: "Second Chances" (23 Pages)


StoryChuck Dixon
PencilsGraham Nolan
InksScott Hanna
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsGloria Vasquez
Color separationsAndroid Images
Associate editingDarren Vincenzo
EditingScott Peterson

Feature Character(s):

Batman (last in Robin Vol. 2 #33; next in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #55)

Supporting Character(s):

Harvey Bullock (last in Robin Vol. 2 #33; next in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #55)
Renée Montoya (last in Robin Vol. 2 #33; next in Batman Vol. 1 #536)
Marion Grange (last in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #53; next in issue #710)
Robin III (last in Robin Vol. 2 #33; next in Detention Comics #1)
Sarah Essen-Gordon (in between issues #697 and #705)
James Gordon (last in Batman Vol. 1 #533; next in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #55)
Lucius Fox (last in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #53; next in Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #1)
Alfred Pennyworth (last in Catwoman Vol. 2 #36; next in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #55)


Numerous unnamed followers of Ra's al Ghul

Other Character(s):

Hendricks (last in issue #699; next in Robin Vol. 2 #45)
Ronnie (a child; dies)


This issue is bannered as Legacy: Epilogue


Gotham City slowly begins to recover from the devastating re-emergence of the Clench. Bruce Wayne's companies and others are desperately manufacturing the cure, while the city officials put a curfew in place in order to quell the rampant looting. Meanwhile, Ra's al Ghu's followers are causing chaos. A group of them storm the police department and are held back by Jim Gordon, Sarah Essen, Hendricks, Renée Montoya and Harvey Bullock; the even brings about a true reconciliation between Jim and Sarah. Batman and Robin are both depressed at the number of lives they are unable to save, particularly Robin, who has a young boy die in his arms as he rushes him to hospital. But Alfred urges them to consider the good they have done, and states unequivocally that everyone in Gotham owes them their lives.