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Detective Comics 762


Cover Date: November 2001
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Art: Dave Johnson (signed)

Story: "Passings" (22 Pages)


StoryGreg Rucka
PencilsRick Burchett
InksDon Davis, Rodney Ramos
LetteringTodd Klein
ColorsWildstorm FX
EditingMichael Wright, Bob Schreck

Feature Character(s):

Batman (next in ???)

Supporting Character(s):

Sasha Bordeaux
Vesper Fairchild (next in issue #764)
Renée Montoya (next in Joker: Last Laugh #3)
Stacy (next in issue #764)
Harvey Bullock (next in flashback in Gotham Central #22)
Michael Akins (last in Batman: Orpheus Rising #5; next in Batman: Our Worlds at War #1)


Michael Bonetti (first appearance; a mob enforcer)

Other Character(s):

Inspector Manny Esperanza (next in Gotham Central #6)


Batman agrees to take Sasha Bordeaux out on patrol now that she has passed his physical test. But before that, she has a day of work as his bodyguard to look forward to, following him around Gotham on a date with Vesper Fairchild. Inspector Esperanza continues his investigations into the disappearance (and probable murder of Jordan Rich), involving Detective Montoya in his search for clues. They find a witness who saw Montoya and Bullock at the scene, and who later saw armed men, among them Michael Bonetti, one of Galante's enforcers in the Gotham mafia.
That night, Sasha Bordeaux has her first experience of swinging from the Gotham rooftops - in a Kevlar costume with a matching mask no less and Montoya and Esperanza get a confession from Bonetti. It seems that Rich had betrayed the mob in Chicago. But when Montoya sees Bullock later, she makes it clear to him that she knows he was the one who told Bonetti where to find Rich. His response is to hand in his badge to Commissioner Akins and quit the force.


Second Story: "Trail of the Catwoman Part 4" (8 Pages)


StoryEd Brubaker
ArtDarwyn Cooke
LetteringSean Konot
ColorsMatt Hollingsworth
Color separationsMatt Hollingsworth
EditingMatt Idelson

Feature Character(s):

Slam Bradley (next in Catwoman: Selina's Big Score)


Mayor Daniel Dickerson

Guest Appearance(s):

Catwoman (next in Catwoman: Selina's Big Score, page 43)


Catwoman has a heart-to-heart with Slam Bradley in his office, telling him that she had to kill off both her identities in order to try and find out who she really is after all. He likes her, and decides to quit the case, burning his file on her as proof of what he promises. As Catwoman leaves the office, she is met by Batman, who offers his help.
When Bradley tells the mayor that he is sure Catwoman is dead, the reaction is less than pleased and Bradley is given a beating by a number of cops at the Mayor's insistence. His office has also been trashed, but when Gino turns up on the scene, Bradley finds someone he can hit back at...