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Detective Comics 763


Cover Date: December 2001
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Art: Peter Snejberg (Signed)

Story: "La Cucilla" (22 Pages)


StoryGreg Rucka
PencilsShawn Martinbrough
InksJesse Delperdang
LetteringTodd Klein
ColorsWildstorm FX
EditingMichael Wright, Bob Schreck

Feature Character(s):

Batman (in between Joker: Last Laugh #2 and #3)

Supporting Character(s):

Sasha Bordeaux
Huntress II (next in Joker: Last Laugh #5)

Other Character(s):

Cucilla (Alesandra Taracon; first appearance, a D.E.O. agent)
Miguel Taracon (first appearance; deceased; former Olympic fencer)


Batman informs Sasha Bordeaux about the situation at Slabside Penitentiary, where the Joker has infected numerous super-villains with an insanity-inducing neuro-toxin. He tells her to stay in Wayne Manor where she'll be safe, but she knows that she wants to be protecting people and heads out to the streets.
At the Gotham docks a Slabside escapee, armed with blades, is encountered by the Huntress and later by Sasha. Huntress realises immediately that Sasha has had training from Batman and is somewhat resentful of her - she warns Sasha that Batman will most likely use her and drop her as he sees fit. The escapee seems fixated with blades and with her father, and is soon encountered by the police, which makes Sasha's job of keeping her alive much more difficult. She fences with the police, but does not injure either them or Sasha, who joins the fray, seriously. Huntress arrives on the scene with a net to capture the woman safely. They then find out that she was never a criminal in the first place; she was a D.E.O. agent stationed in the Slab who got infected along with the rest of the inmates shortly after receiving word that her father had died. Sasha is able to talk the police into allowing the woman to see her father.


Second Story: "Josie Mac. Lost Voices Part One" (8 Pages)


StoryJudd Winick
ArtCliff Chiang
LetteringJohn Workman
ColorsLee Loughridge
Color separationsLee Loughridge
EditingMatt Idelson

Feature Character(s):

Josie Mac (Josephine MacDonald; first appearance; also appears in flashbacks to childhood)


Junior Waller (behind the scenes during Josie's childhood)

Other Character(s):

The Mayor's wife
Josie's parents (in flashbacks to her childhood)
Mrs Jordan (in flashback)
Mrs Brantley (in flashback)


Josie Mac is a police detective, or at least she was until she burst in on a hotel room where the mayor's wife was having an illicit rendezvous with an exotic dancer. Within four days she has found herself transferred to missing persons. This is in some ways ironic, as since the age of eight, Josie has had the ability to find lost items - they 'speak' to he; however, she cannot find lost people. No-one on the force knows of this gift, as it would no doubt seem very odd to them. Within an hour of arriving at missing persons, Josie gets a call - the grandson of one of Gotham's crime bosses has gone missing...