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Detective Comics 784


Cover Date: September 2003
Cover Price: $2.75


Cover Credits:
Art: Tim Sale (signed)
Colors: Mark Chiarello

Story: "Made of Wood, Part One" (22 Pages)


StoryEd Brubaker
PencilsPatrick Zircher
InksAaron Sowd
LetteringTodd Klein
ColorsJason Wright
Color separationsWildstorm FX
Associate editingMichael Wright
EditingBob Schreck

Feature Character(s):


Guest Star(s):

Green Lantern (Alan Scott; last in JSA #51; also in flashbacks to July 1948; in flashbacks in issue #786 in between flashbacks; between All-American Comics #99 and Green Lantern Vol. 1 #33)

Supporting Character(s):

James Gordon
Det. Nelson Crowe
Det. Jackson Davies
Doiby Dickles (in flashback to July 1948; between All-American Comics #99 and Green Lantern Vol. 1 #33)

Guest Appearance(s):

Ted Grant (behind the scenes)

Other Character(s):

Mayor Thorndike (mayor of Gotham; dies in flashback to July 1948)
James Sime (deceased)


Continues in the next issue.


When taking his early morning constitutional, James Gordon stumbles across a body at the foot of the statue to the original Green Lantern, with 'Made of Wood' carved into the corpse's chest. He and Batman are anxious to get to the bottom of the situation, as are the police department and Green Lantern himself, who remembers a quintet of similar murders from 1948, which were obviously directed at him. As Batman discovers the killer's den in an abandoned factory, Green Lantern makes his presence known.


Second Story: "Josie Mac: Trading Up" (8 Pages)


StoryJudd Winick
ArtCliff Chiang
LetteringJohn Workman
ColorsCliff Chiang
Assistant editingNachie Castro
EditingMatt Idelson

Feature Character(s):

Josie Mac (last in issue #772/2; next in Gotham Central #9; transfers to Major Crimes)

Supporting Character(s):

Oscar Castro (retires)
Stacy (in between Gotham Central #8 and #9)
Maggie Sawyer (in between Gotham Central #8 and #9)


Sirus (a kidnapper)

Other Character(s):

Angela Morales (a Gotham citizen)


On Oscar Castro's last day before he retires from missing persons and the police force in general, he and partner Josie Mac track down their last missing person. On the same day, Josie gets her transfer to the Major Crimes Unit; Oscar warns her not to let her new colleagues know about her strange abilities.