Created by Paul Levitz and Yildiray Cinar

Dyogene; art by Scott Clark
The Original Universe


Homeworld: Oa
Space Sector: 0
Base of Operation: Oa in the 31st Century
Group Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps
Hair: None
First Appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 6 #1 (July 2010): "The Scream Heard 'Cross the Universe"
Creators: Paul Levitz and Yildiray Cinar


An enigmatic creature, created by the Guardians of the Universe, Dyogene has been tasked with the reformation of the Green Lantern Corps in the 31st Century, starting on Earth. Thus far, the first chosen was Earth-Man (Kirt Niedrigh) who wore the power ring briefly as a Green Lantern before rejecting it, and Harmonia Li, who quite abruptly rebuffed the Oan creature.

- Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 6 #1

Dyogene has since chosen Mon-El as the next Green Lantern. Dyogene is currently accompanying the Daxamite Lantern. They have had a confrontation with Sun Killer in which an infant-like creature passed nearby, a creature which it appears Dyogene was created to combat. - Adventure Comics #522


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