Unofficial Firebrand Index

Firebrand 1


Cover Date: February 1996
Cover Price: $1.75


Cover Credits:
Art: Sal Velluto
Colors: Patricia Mulvihill

Story: "Ashes to Ashes" (23 Pages)


StoryBrian Augustyn
ArtSal Velluto
LetteringKen Lopez
ColorsPatricia Mulvihill
EditingChris Eades, Rob Simpson

Feature Character(s):

Firebrand III (Alejandro "Alex" Sanchez; first appearance)

Supporting Character(s):

Leo McCloskey (first appearance; Alex's partner on the police force)
Javier Sanchez (first appearance; Alex's brother, a Catholic priest)
Christina Sanchez (first appearance; as a spirit, Alex and Javier's deceased sister, next in issue #6)
Noah Hightower (first appearance; a wealthy man)
Devlin (first appearance; his lawyer)


Mr Asch (first appearance, behind the scenes)
Mr. Asch's men (Frank and Eddy named; first appearance of all, Eddy dies)

Other Character(s):

Doctor Newton P. Lovell (first appearance, next in issue #5)


Three months elapse between pages 6 and 7, two months between pages 10 and 11 and another two months between pages 16 and 17.


Police Detective Alejandro Sanchez is investigating what he believes to be a serial kidnapping, and for his troubles has his apartment blown up when he returns home. He barely survives the blast, being visited by his long-dead sister as he hovers close to death. When he awakens from a coma three months later, he discovers that he is barely able to move, and that only due to some experimental surgery paid for by the wealthy Noah Hightower. As his mobility begins to improve (it should peak at 80%), Sanchez is asked by Hightower to become a super-hero, using a suit that will boost his mobility to well over the levels it was at before the blast. He is skeptical of the idea, but when his partner Leo McCloskey is attacked a couple of months later, he dons the suit and rescues his friend, though the bad guys get away.