Unofficial Firebrand Index

Firebrand 5


Cover Date: June 1996
Cover Price: $1.75


Cover Credits:
Art: Sal Velluto (signed)
Colors: Patricia Mulvihill

Story: "Killer's Garden" (22 Pages)


StoryBrian Augustyn
PencilsSal Velluto
InksMark McKenna, Ken Branch
LetteringKen Lopez
ColorsPatricia Mulvihill
EditingEddie Berganza, Kevin Dooley

Feature Character(s):

Firebrand III (last in Showcase '96 #4)

Supporting Character(s):

Leo McCloskey
Javier Sanchez
Eve Tanner (first appearance; head of the Childfind Network)
Jason Bard (last in Batman and the Outsiders #16; next in Birds of Prey #1)


Max the Knife (Max Kern; first appearance; behind the scenes)

Other Character(s):

Dr Newton P. Lowell (last in issue #1)
Mrs Kanowsky (first appearance; mother of a missing girl)
Jim Duncan (first appearance; a federal agent)
Ned (first appearance; a medical examiner)
Meg Shannon (first appearance; a police lieutenant)
Burt Weiss (first appearance; a police officer)
Alan Plank (first appearance; an innocent man controlled by Max Kern)
Mr and Mrs. Sanchez (Alex's parents; first appearance of both)


Alex Sanchez starts a new job with the Childfind Network, and find that his first case, to locate college student Kathy Kanowski, intersects with a police investigation. It appears that there is a copycat killer fashioning crimes after one 'Max the Knife', who took grisly trophies from his female victims, but is now paralyzed in hospital. Sanchez fears that Kathy could be one of his victims, and assists the police in their search. Eventually, the perpetrator of the crimes is located and brought down by Firebrand and the police. It is assumed that he somehow picked up information about Max's m.o. when in the hospital Kern resides at, and the case is closed. Javier Sanchez, however, fears it is far from over, worried that somehow Kern has spread seeds of evil through the city.