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Flash 788 (Cover A)

FLASH #788

Cover Date: January 2023
Cover Price: $3.99
Publication Date: 2022-11-15


Cover Credits:
Art: Taurin Clarke (signed)

Variant Covers:
Cover B
Art: George Kambadais (signed)
Cover C
('90s Rewind Variant)
Art: Todd Nauck (signed)

Story: "Rogues to Redemption" (22 Pages)


StoryJeremy Adams
PencilsFernando Pasarin
InksMatt Ryan
LetteringRob Leigh
ColorsMatt Herms
EditingChris Rosa
Group editingPaul Kaminski

Feature Character(s):

Flash (Wally West; last in Flash 2022 Annual #1)

Guest Star(s):

Doctor Mid-Nite (last/next in ???)
Mister Terrific (last in issue #797; next in ???)

Supporting Character(s):

Linda Park (last in Flash 2022 Annual #1)
Irey West (last in issue #797)
Jai West (last in issue #797)
Kid Flash (Wallace West; last in issue #797)
Pied Piper (last in issue #775)


Gregory Wolfe (last in Flash 2022 Annual #1)
Blacksmith (last in Flash 2022 Annual #1)
Rogues (all possessed by the Great Darkness)
Captain Cold (last in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #6)
Weather Wizard (last in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #6)
Heatwave (last in Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1)
Mirror Master (last in Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1)
Trickster (last in Dark Crisis: War Zone #1)
A Lord of Order (behind the scenes)

Other Character(s):

Marcy (in between issues #782 and #798)
Thomas (in between issues #782 and #798)
Stevie (in between issues #782 and #798)


The Multiverse
United States of America
Central City


When Gregory Wolfe wins the mayorship of Central City, he implements a radical agenda to instill order...including deputizing the Rogues to enforce the law and ridding the city of its well-known vigilante--the Flash!