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Flash Vol. 2 197

FLASH VOL. 2 #197

Cover Date: June 2003
Cover Price: $2.25


Cover Credits:
Art: Scott Kolins (signed)

Story: "[Blitz Part 1]: Rogue Profile: Zoom" (22 \ Page)


StoryGeoff Johns
PencilsScott Kolins
InksDoug Hazlewood
LetteringKurt Hathaway
ColorsJames Sinclair
EditingJoey Cavalieri

Feature Character(s):

Hunter Zolomon (also in numerous flashbacks preceding Flash Secret Files #3; becomes Zoom)

Supporting Character(s):

Ashley Zolomon (Hunter Zolomon's ex-wife; first appearance; in flashback; next in issue #203)
Mr. & Mrs. Zolomon (Hunter's parents; first appearance; both die in flashback)
Ashley's father (unnamed; first appearance; dies in flashback)


The Clown (last in Flash Vol. 1 #272; dies in flashback)


Flash does not appear in this issue.


Hunter Zolomon lies in his hospital bed, thinking back over his past and regretting his inability to activate the cosmic treadmill in order to change it. He remembers discovering that his father was a serial murderer, his final victim being Hunter's mother. He remembers becoming a criminal profiler with the F.B.I., meeting his wife Ashley at college and befriending her father. He remembers the day, the hour, when it all went horribly wrong. Pursuing a rogue called the Clown, Hunter was convinced he wouldn't be armed. But he was. The Clown killed Ashley's father and shattered Hunter's kneecap before Hunter shot him dead. Ashley divorced him, the F.B.I. fired him and he came to Keystone, where he met the Flash. And now, he realizes, his encounter with the cosmic treadmill has done something to him, he can stop time. And he realizes he must teach the Flash the meaning of tragedy just as Eobard Thawne brought tragedy to Barry Allen. He must become Zoom.