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Flash Vol. 2 225

FLASH VOL. 2 #225

Cover Date: October 2005
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Howard Porter (signed)
Inks: John Livesay (signed)

Story: "Rogue War Conclusion" (22 Pages)


StoryGeoff Johns
PencilsHoward Porter
InksJohn Livesay
LetteringRob Leigh
ColorsJames Sinclair
Associate editingMichael Wright
EditingJoey Cavalieri

Feature Character(s):

Flash III

Guest Star(s):

Flash II

Supporting Character(s):

Fred Chyre (in between issues #223 and #230)
Flash I (next in JSA #76)
Kid Flash II
Jared Morillo (in between issues #223 and #230)
Linda Park-West
Pied Piper II
Ashley Zolomon (next in Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #3)
Jai West (first appearance; Wally and Linda's son; born in this story; not yet named; next in issue #227)
Iris West II (first appearance; Wally and Linda's daughter; born in this story; not yet named; next in issue #227)


Captain Boomerang II (next in Outsiders Vol. 3 #32)
Captain Cold (next in Catwoman Vol. 3 #46)
Gorilla Grodd (next in ???)
Heat Wave (next in Infinite Crisis #1)
Mirror Master III (next in Infinite Crisis #1)
Murmur (last in issue #223; next in Man-Bat Vol. 4 #1)
Tar Pit
Trickster I
Turtle (last in issue #219; last appearance)
Weather Wizard (next in Villains United #2)
Zoom (next in Action Comics #828)


Story continued from the previous issue


Zoom and Reverse Flash are forcing Wally to watch the moment when Zoom made Linda Park miscarry, but Barry Allen, also time-travelling, has appeared on the scene to help, and the speedsters' presence changes events somewhat. When Flash arrives safely back in the present, the Rogues disappear into various reflections, spirited away by Mirror Master, while Piper alerts Flash that Linda has been rushed to hospital. At first, all looks bleak, and it seems that she has died, but miraculously, things change, and within moments, she is giving birth to twins, a healthy boy and girl. Jay Garrick describes this strange phenomenon as 'spontaneous conception through time travel', with events in the past having an unexpected repercussion months later. As Wally and Linda enjoy being parents against the odds, the Rogues lay the Top and Captain Boomerang to rest at Avernus before going off to join the 'Society' of villains.