Unofficial Flash Vol. 5 Index

Flash Vol. 5 69 (Cover A)

FLASH VOL. 5 #69

Cover Date: June 2019
Cover Price: $3.99
Publication Date: 2019-04-24


Cover Credits:
Art: Dan Mora (signed)

Variant Cover:
Cover B
Pencils: Mitch Gerads (signed)

Story: "The Greatest Trick of All, Finale" (20 Pages)


StoryJoshua Williamson
ArtScott Kolins
LetteringSteve Wands
ColorsLuis Guerrero
Assistant editingAndrew Marino
EditingPaul Kaminski
Group editingJamie S. Rich

Feature Character(s):

Flash (also in flashback to childhood preceding flashback in issue #70; next in issue #75/2)

Supporting Character(s):

Commander Cold (next in issue #75/2)
Allison Burns (next in issue #82)
Kristen Kramer
David Singh (last in issue #67)
Officer Morrow (next in issue #82)


Trickster (next in flashback in issue #83)
Trickster II (next in Flash #763)
Copperhead II (next in issue #76)
Big Sir (next in issue #79)
Bug-Eyed Bandit (next in issue #78)
Gregory Wolfe (next in Flash #780)
Rag Doll
Shrapnel (last in ???)
Tar Pit (next in issue #76)
Top (next in issue #76)
Golden Glider (next in issue #79)
Heatwave (next in issue #76)
Mirror Master (next in issue #78)
Weather Wizard (next in issue #77)
Trigger Twins II
Tom Trigger (in between issues #62 and #78)
Tad Trigger (in between issues #62 and #78)

Other Character(s):

Steadfast (first appearance; next in issue #75/2)
Helen Jesse (last in flashback in issue #66)
Mr. Jesse (last in flashback in issue #66)


United States of America
Central City
Iron Heights


Story continues from previous issue and continues in next issue.


Riot in Central City! Trickster has pulled out all the stops in his assault on Flash’s hometown, and the Scarlet Speedster is powerless to crack Trickster’s code! Our hero is faced with an impossible choice: save the people of Central City—or let the villain who caused it all escape to wreak havoc another day!