Created by Chuck Dixon and Scot Eaton

Garl Rathbone.png
Garl Rathbone; Art by Scot Eaton
The Original Universe


Occupation: Miner, Green Lantern, adventurer
Homeworld: Daffath
Space Sector: 3
Marital Status: Presumed single
Group Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps, the Corps
Sector Partner: Apros; Sool (uncertain)
Gender: Male
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Green Lantern: The New Corps #1 (March 1999)
Received power ring: Green Lantern: The New Corps #2 (April 1999)
Creators: Chuck Dixon and Scot Eaton


Garl Rathbone was a miner working the debris belt over Daffath. He was known to frequent Waystation, a spaceport in the Daffath system which was the halfway point between two far flung destinations in bordering sectors. Rathbone would gamble on Waystation and while he did not like to lose, he took it well as it was all part of the game. Until he found out someone was cheating him.

After learning he had lost a game because his opponents employed a mind reader, Rathbone quickly got into a fight aboard Waystation. This caught the attention of "the Gearboxes," Waystation's nickname for robotic law enforcement officers used to keep the peace. Before the gearboxes arrived, Rathbone had also caught the attention of Kyle Rayner, a Green Lantern from Earth.

Rathbone was outnumbered, and though he thought he did not need any help, Kyle Rayner joined the fight on the miner's side along with Hammeroon, an alien bounty hunter Rayner had met in the Iiskado system. When the gearboxes arrived all three were stunned and taken into custody. Waiting for trial in "the Bowl," Waystation's holding pen for troublemakers, Rathbone was also locked in shock manacles to prevent him from continuing the fight. The trial was quick and the magistrate, Judge Sool, sentenced Rathbone and his new friends to the prison ship Roundaway, which circled the Bri'r Nine system on the outer rim.

Theirs would have been a long sentence, if not for the arrival of Anya Savenlovich, a Soviet cosmonaut Rayner and Hammeroon had found lost in space while in route to Waystation. Savenlovich held a piece of the heating system from Hammeroon's starship, bluffing the court into thinking it was a bomb. Rathbone took the opportunity to smash the evidence case and get his and his friends' weapons. Armed with the power rings, Rayner was able to cut through the decks of Waystation and help his new friends make an escape. - Green Lantern: The New Corps #1

Using his ring, Rayner was able to create a ship to help his friends cross space but he was tiring. Hammeroon led them to a Samaritan House, where they would find food, shelter and rest. Impressed by the value of a Green Lantern, Hammeroon considered taking the power battery but Garl Rathbone would have none of it. - Green Lantern: The New Corps #1

Their break from pursuit was short lived as Judge Sool tracked them through Hammeroon's creditline. The judge arrived in the Lawbringer, a massive starship which dwarfed the Samaritan House. A stand off between Sool and Kyle Rayner was cut short when an antimatter wave swept their position. Rayner quickly erected a force field around them. The Samaritan House and its occupants, as well as Rayner and Sool were the only survivors. The remainder of the solar system had been reduced to rubble.

Realizing he would need assistance in finding the source of the antimatter wave, Kyle Rayner gave his friends and Sool their own power rings and batteries. Each charged his or her power ring while reciting an oath of their own making. They would be Green Lanterns. Garl Rathbone was particularly proud, and even asked for three additional power rings for his other arms.

They were traveling through space, making their way to the center of the antimatter anomaly when they came under fire by a small fleet of ships. Garl was the first to be struck when the fleet's energy weapons were changed to the yellow spectrum. He recovered his bearings and helped his friends defeat their attackers, soldiers of the Van'n Imperium. This was only the first wave, the Green Lanterns would have to battle the forces of the entire Van'n homeworld.

This would not be easy as the Van'n Imperium was led by Magaan, a conqueror who had been given a power ring by the naive Kyle Rayner. Magaan had used the power ring to help create an invincible army which would eliminate all other life in the galaxy.

Rayner went off to battle Magaan while the four other Green Lanterns scoured the Van'n homeworld for a control center. Garl drew the enemy fire from his friends until they found a turret firing on other Van'n fighters. Once inside the turret, they were contacted by Phothus, the brain of the Van'n homeworld. Phothus was a tool of Magaan's but it had grown self aware and opposed Magaan's plans for galactic conquest.

To help Phothus stop the antimatter wave, the Green Lanterns would need to unearth and disconnect the brain's inhibitor device. Garl, Anya and Sool set about this task while Hammeroon defended their position from millions of Magaan's personal guard. Hammeroon valiantly sacrificed his life in doing so. Their success came with another cost. Removing the inhibitor allowed Phothus to stop the antimatter wave, but it also initiated a doomsday device which threatened the all ready unstable core of the planet.

Regrouping with Rayner after he had defeated Magaan, the Green Lanterns combined their power to create a shield which protected them from the fiery destruction of the Van'n homeworld. When the dust settled, Rayner asked for the return of the power rings. Rayner would return to Earth. After his grievous mistake in granting a power ring to Magaan, he felt he needed more time and experience before he would be ready to recruit a new Green Lantern Corps. As for Garl Rathbone, he joined with Anya Savenlovich and Judge Sool in creating an intergalactic crime fighting group, known simply as "The Corps." - Green Lantern: The New Corps #2

The Corps was joined by three new members. Nothing is known about the pasts of Bekk H'wat and Way, but the third new member, Sinara, was a former smuggler and had supplied the Corps with her own starship as a base of operations. She challenged Sool for leadership. The outcome of that challenge, and the existence of the Corps itself has not been revealed. - Green Lantern Secret Files #2

Once the Green Lantern Corps was fully restored, Garl Rathbone received a power ring again. He is now partnered with veteran Green Lantern Apros of -7Pi. - Infinite Crisis #7


As a Green Lantern, Garl Rathbone possesses a power ring and power battery. It is not certain if he still wields four rings.


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Green Lantern Secret Files #2 (September 1999)