Created by Ron Marz and Greg Tocchini

Garmin Vid.jpg
The Original Universe


Occupation: Green Lantern
Homeworld: Unknown
Space Sector: 3521
Group Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps
Sector Partner: Torquemada
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: None
First Appearance: Ion #1 (June 2006): "Torch Bearer Part 1"
Creators: Ron Marz and Greg Tocchini


Partnered with veteran Green Lantern Torquemada, Garmin Vid was still a rookie when he first met Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, now known as Ion, but known to many in the Green Lantern Corps as "the Torch Bearer."

Torquemada and Garmin Vid found Kyle Rayner in Space Sector 3521. He was amidst the wreckage of a rescue fleet which was transporting the population of the planet Quinilon to safety before its sun burned out. It appeared Rayner had been responsible for the massive death and destruction. When Rayner refused his fellow Lanterns offer to return to Oa, Garmin Vid tried to bring him back, unwittingly antagonizing Rayner who responded forcefully. Torquemada and Garmin Vid were violently sent hurtling towards Oa. Badly injured, they were treated by fellow Green Lantern Soranik Natu. If not for Natu's medical skills, it is likely Vid would have not survived.

When Rayner arrived on Oa, they prepared for the possibility of another attack, only to learn the truth of their prior battle in Sector 3521. They had fought Alexander Nero, who for reasons yet to be fully revealed, had been disguised as Rayner. Nero had been turned into a human bomb, and although even he did not know what had transpired, he knew he did not want to go to Oa. His target had been the Guardians of the Universe, but Nero was thwarted by Ion's superior power. Once word spread that Kyle Rayner was on Oa and had not been responsible for the attack in Sector 3521, Garmin Vid joined a multitude of fellow Green Lanterns to pay tribute to the Torch Bearer.


As a Green Lantern, Garmin Vid possesses a power ring and power battery.


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