Created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter (original); John Byrne (modern)

The Original Universe


Real Name: Doris Zeul
Group Affiliation(s): Villainy, Inc. II
Gender: Female
First Appearance: (original): Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #9 (summer 1944): "Evolution Goes Haywire [Part 1]"
(modern): Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #126 (October 1997): "Where Have All The Heroes Gone"
Creators: William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter (original); John Byrne (modern)


Genius Doris Zeul, became terminally ill, and wanted to preserve her brain from death as well. When Neron attacked Wonder Woman, Doris decided on her to be the perfect vessel. During the mind transfer, Zeul was stopped by Hippolyta and Wonder Girl II, leaving her consciousness in limbo for months. Her lab assistant then placed her brain in the body of a giant ape, named Giganta. Giganta killed the lab assistant and sought revenge against Wonder Girl II. After being defeated, Giganta met a woman in a Balthazarian Circus, named Olga. Using Indian magic, she transferred her mind into Olga, which also gave her the power to grow large at will. Giganta then joined Villainy Inc., and has been a constant nuisance to Wonder Woman.


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