Unofficial Green Arrow Vol. 6 Index

Green Arrow Vol. 6 1


Cover Date: November 2011
Cover Price: $2.99
Publication Date: 2011-09-07


Cover Credits:
Art: Dave Wilkins

Story: "Living a Life of Privilege" (20 Pages)


StoryJ.T. Krul
PencilsDan Jurgens
InksGeorge Pérez
LetteringRob Leigh
ColorsDavid Baron
Assistant editingSean Mackiewicz
EditingPat McCallum

Feature Character(s):

Green Arrow (first New 52 appearance; last in flashback in issue #0)

Supporting Character(s):

Naomi Singh (first appearance)
Jax (first appearance)
Emerson (first appearance; CEO of Queen Industries)
Adrien Rivers (first appearance)


Doppelganger (first appearance)
Dynamix (first appearance)
Supercharge (first appearance)
Rush II (first appearance)
Stunner (first appearance)
Lime (first appearance)
Light (first appearance)

Other Character(s):



Queen Industries, Seattle
Q-Core, Seattle
Paris, France
Seattle, Washington


Story continues in Green Arrow Vol. 6 #2.
It is revealed that Oliver Queen owns Queen Industries and its subsidiary Q-Core.


The CEO of Queen Industries, Emerson, is upset because Q-Core, a subsidiary run by Oliver Queen, is not as profitable as possible. Q-Core is known for developing items such as a Q-pad and Q-phone. In fact, however, Queen is using the company as a front for his operations as Green Arrow.

In Paris, Green Arrow battles three super-criminals on a boat, Doppelganger, Dynamix, and Supercharge with the help of a hacker named Naomi and an assistant named Jax. Using a special arrow that he fires into the boat's control system, he manages to obtain remote control of the vehicle.

Back in Seattle, Washington, Oliver meets with his assistant Adrien, who warns him that Emerson is upset about the operations of Q-Core. Oliver learns that both Supercharge and Dynamix are in custody, but Doppelganger is stuck in a lab. While consoling Jax over his role in the company, Oliver tells him that the last time he (Green Arrow) didn't act when he could, people died, and he could have saved them. He vows that that will not happen again.

In a Paris maximum security facility, Dynamix and Supercharge are paid a visit by a man named Rush II.