Green Lantern of Earth-12 GREEN LANTERN OF EARTH-12 (Hal Jordan)BIOGRAPHY
Created by Keith Champagne and Scott McDaniel

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (Earth-12 - 52 Multiverse).png
Green Lantern of Earth-12; Art by Scott McDaniel
The Original Universe


Real Name: Hal Jordan
Base of Operation: Earth-12 (52 Multiverse)
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Countdown: Arena #1 (February 2008): "The Blood-Soaked Sands"
Creators: Keith Champagne and Scott McDaniel


The grandson and namesake of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, the latest Green Lantern of Earth-12 is one of only seven Lanterns active within his universe.

While flying with the Firestorm of his universe, Jordan was taken by the being known as Monarch and brought to an arena within the interdimensional space known as the Bleed. Monarch chose three versions of heroes (or in some cases, villains) throughout the multiverse to battle each other, all for the "privilege" to fight in his personal army.

Hal Jordan was to fight the Green Lantern of Earth-5, also Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern of Earth-32, Bruce Wayne. The Lanterns turned on Monarch, but at the cost of the Earth-12 Green Lantern's arm, and the Earth-5 Green Lantern's life.


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