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 Unofficial Green Lantern Vol. 6 Index

Green Lantern Vol. 6 6


Cover Date: November 2021
Cover Price: $4.99
Publication Date: 2021-09-07


Cover Credits:
Art: Bernard Chang (signed)
Colors: Alex Sinclair (signed)

Variant Cover:
Cover B
Art: Bryan Hitch
Colors: Alex Sinclair

Story: "Entanglement" (30 Pages)


StoryGeoffrey Thorne
ArtMarco Santucci (pages 1-16), Tom Raney (pages 17-30)
LetteringSimon Bowland
ColorsMichael Atiyeh
Assistant editingBixie Mathieu
EditingMike Cotton

Feature Character(s):

Green Lantern (John Stewart; also in flashback)
Green Lantern (Jo Mullein)

Guest Star(s):

Lonar (identity revealed)

Supporting Character(s):

Green Lantern Corps
Beelu Kenz
Igrotti Ki (first appearance; further identification needed)
Pyke (first appearance; further identification needed)
R'Dexa (first appearance; further identification needed)
Salaak (next in Dark Crisis #2)
Simon Baz (wearing United Planets issued armor; events occuring prior to appearance last issue)
unidentified Lanterns (see Comments)
Teen Lantern


Gold Centurions (also in flashbacks)
Sinestro Corps
Sinestro (also in flashbacks)
Feena Sik

Other Character(s):

crew of the UP Starship Scythia's Blade
Ameyra Khalan (last in issue #2)
Kk'tik (first appearance; a Circadian communications officer)
a Thanagarian
a Dominator
a Rannian
an unidentified alien race (on the planet Anancitus; first appearance for all)
Ekinex (a female Durlan; consort of Sinestro; further identification needed)
Jex (a female Durlan; consort of Sinestro; further identification needed)

Cameo Appearance(s):

various alien races in the Barrier War
The Bliss (first mentioned; in flashback; further identification needed)
Ellonates (first mentioned; in flashback; further identification needed)
Sergilons (in flashbacks)
The Shar (in flashback; name given prior as "The Shaar")
Freedom Fighters (all in flashback to Infinite Crisis #1)
Uncle Sam
Ray II
Black Condor II
Phantom Lady II
Bizarro No. 1 (in flashback to Infinite Crisis #1)
Cheetah (Barbara Minerva; in flashback to Infinite Crisis #1)
Deathstroke (in flashback to Infinite Crisis #1)
Doctor Light III (Arthur Light; in flashback to Infinite Crisis #1)
Green Lantern Corps
Hal Jordan (in flashbacks)
Kyle Rayner (in flashback)
Guy Gardner (in flashback)
Tri-Eye (in flashback)


Space Sector 2814
Earth (in flashback)
Space Sector 3567
New Korugar
Panopticon (Sinestro's headquarters)
Dark Sector 1
Anancitus (first named)
The LIghthouse


Salakk reports Beelu Kenz has been on sixty missions and rescued 20 Lanterns while finding ninety-two dead. This is in addition to the 300 killed by the Qinoori.
Some of the "unidentified Green Lanterns" might not actually be Green Lanterns. Though many confirmed Green Lanterns are wearing green costumes, some of different design than what they had worn while rings were working. Others are wearing blue jumpsuits and appear to be in a support position to the confirmed Lanterns.
This issue is divided into two parts, though no separation is formally indicated. The first half of the issue depicts some events occurring before the events of last issue and involves events outside of the Dark Sector. The second half of this issue deals with events in the Dark Sector including flashbacks of its past.
Story continues in the next issue.

Story Reprinted in:

Green Lantern Vol. 1 Invictus (2021)


Far Sector’s Jo Mullein goes head-to-head with one-time Green Lantern Sinestro, now the leader of the Sinestro Corps that harnesses the yellow light of fear. But as Jo deals with Sinestro, Simon Baz finds out his former partner, Jessica Cruz, just joined the Yellow Lanterns as the Corps’ newest member. Then, in deep space, Kilowog, who’s been cut from the Corps, fights for his life in the Dark Sectors. But without a working ring, he may not stand much of a chance of survival.