Unofficial Grifter Vol. 3 Index

Grifter Vol. 3 1


Cover Date: November 2011
Cover Price: $2.99
Publication Date: 2011-09-14


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Cafu (signed)
Inks: Bit (signed)

Story: "17 Minutes" (20 Pages)


StoryNathan Edmondson
InksJason Gorder
LetteringWes Abbott
ColorsAndrew Dalhouse
Assistant editingKatie Kubert
EditingBobbie Chase

Feature Character(s):

Grifter (Cole Cash; also using the alias Christopher Argent)

Supporting Character(s):

Gretchen Reese (first appearance; Grifter's assistant)
Max Cash (Cole's brother)


Mr. Valdez (first appearance)
Lionel (first appearance; Mr. Valdez's driver)

Other Character(s):

Mr. Harras (first appearance)
A Colonel (first appearance; Max Cash's boss)


Louis Armstrong International Airport, New Orleans
New Orleans
The Pentagon


In New Orleans Grifter is involved in a con against Mr. Valdez, who believes he is the one pulling the con. Cole's friend, Gretchen, assists with the con. After pulling it off, they agree to leave town on separate flights. Before Cole can make his flight, however, he is abducted by an alien from the race of Daemonites. He escapes, believing that he was abducted for only 17 minutes.

He boards a plane at the Louis Armstrong International Airport, New Orleans. However, he keeps hearing voices in his head, and realizes the aliens are following him. He kills two aliens disguised as flight attendants, and jumps from the plane in mid-air. The media reports this as a terrorist act, although Cash is not identified by name. He contacts Gretchen, who tells him he was actually missing for 17 days, not 17 minutes.

At a separate unknown location a Military officer identified only as A Colonel tells another soldier, Max Cash, to compile a team to find Max's brother, before it is revealed that the suspected terrorist is actually a trained former military operative - Cole.