Hykraius (planet).png
The Original Universe


Name: Hykraius
Space Sector: 885 or 3544
Atmosphere: Methane
Dominant Lifeform: Hykraians
Points of Interest: Valley of the Peaks
Prominent Inhabitants: Tellus; Green Lantern of Hykraius


The planet Hykraius is homeworld to an intelligent reptillian-piscine race with limited telepathy and telekinetics. The Hykraians swim in what they call "The Great Mother Ocean," an atmosphere of liquid methane, water and other elements, an environment hostile to most humanoid races.

In the 21st Century, the Hykraians had one of their race as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Due to their world's remote location and inhospitable atmosphere, they had limited contact with the rest of the universe.

This changed in the 30th Century as the Gil'Dishpan visited their world. Hykraius joined the United Planets and a Hykraian, Ganglios, became one of the first non-humanoid members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, serving as Legionnaire Tellus.


Due to vague information as to the Green Lanterns of Sectors 885 & 3544 in Infinite Crisis #7, it was impossible to say who patrolled which sector, therefore both sectors are referenced.