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Identity Crisis 3


Cover Date: October 2004
Cover Price: $3.95
Publication Date: 2004-08-11


Cover Credits:
Art: Michael Turner (signed)

Story: "Chapter Three: Serial Killer" (30 Pages)


StoryBrad Meltzer
PencilsRags Morales
InksMichael Bair
LetteringKenny Lopez
ColorsAlex Sinclair
Assistant editingValerie D'Orazio
EditingMike Carlin

Feature Character(s):

Atom II (also in flashbacks; next in Flash Vol. 2 #214)
Black Canary II (also in flashbacks; next in Flash Vol. 2 #214)
Flash III (also in flashbacks; next in Flash Vol. 2 #214)
Green Arrow (also in flashbacks; next in Flash Vol. 2 #214)
Hawkman (also in flashbacks; next in Flash Vol. 2 #214)
Zatanna (also in flashbacks; next in Flash Vol. 2 #214)
Elongated Man

Guest Star(s):

Batman (in flashbacks, including one which places him at the scene of the flashback from issue #2)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan; in flashback)
Flash II (in flashback)
Robin III (last in flashback in Teen Titans Vol. 3 #20)
Superman (also in flashback)
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner; next in Flash Vol. 2 #214)

Supporting Character(s):

Owen Mercer (first appearance)
Jack Drake
Perry White
Jimmy Olsen
Jean Loring


Doctor Light III (next in issue #6)
Captain Boomerang
Secret Society of Super-Villains:
Blockbuster I (in flashback following Justice League of America #168 and preceding Batman Vol. 1 #308)
Felix Faust (in flashback)
Floronic Man (in flashback)
Reverse-Flash (in flashback)
Star Sapphire (Deborah Camille Darnell; in flashback)
Wizard (in flashback between Justice League of America #168 and Justice League of America #219)


Continued directly from the previous issue and continues directly in the next issue. A few hours elapse between pages 22 and 23.
In flashback we see the 'clean-up' after various hero/villain confrontations, including a case where the Secret Society of Super-Villains swapped bodies with the League from Justice League of America #166-#168.


The mysterious murders in the DCU continue to fuel the flames of unrest in both the heroic community and the emerging cabal of villains! And if the legendary battle supreme between Deathstroke and the Justice League is any indication, things are going to get far worse before they get better!


A group of Justice Leaguers find themselves up against Deathstroke, who has been hired for protection by Doctor Light. With ruthless efficiency, Deathstroke takes them out one by one, having studied their individual weaknesses in order to exploit them to the full. Green Arrow attacks the mercenary by jabbing him in his bad eye with an arrow and Deathstroke is finally brought down by all eight past and present Leaguers piling on him simultaneously. Unfortunately, this action triggers Doctor Light's memory, and he remembers what the Leaguers did to him, only his recollection of events includes Batman as well as the other heroes. A violent burst of light disorients the heroes and both villains disappear.
When the heroes come to, Superman arrives, telling them that Doctor Light has been ruled out as a suspect due to findings in Sue Dibny's autopsy. Later, Green Arrow tells Flash about the many times the League had to wipe knowledge of their civilian identities from villains' minds, Robin returns from the search for Plasmus and Warp to spend time with his father, Captain Boomerang encounters his son for the first time, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White speculate about the killing, and Jean Loring is hanged in her apartment. Could there be a serial killer at work?