Unofficial Identity Crisis Index

Identity Crisis 6


Cover Date: January 2005
Cover Price: $3.95
Publication Date: 2004-11-10


Cover Credits:
Art: Michael Turner (signed)
Colors: Aspen Studios

Story: "Chapter Six: Husbands & Wives" (33 Pages)


StoryBrad Meltzer
PencilsRags Morales
InksMichael Bair
LetteringKenny Lopez
ColorsAlex Sinclair
Assistant editingMichael Siglain
EditingMike Carlin

Feature Character(s):

Atom II (also in flashback immediately following the flashback in issue #2)
Green Arrow (also in flashback immediately following the flashback in #2; in Flash Vol. 2 #216 between pages 7 and 13 of this issue)
Black Canary II (in flashback immediately following flashback in issue #2)
Hawkman (in flashback immediately following flashback in issue #2)
Zatanna (in flashback immediately following flashback in issue #2 and preceding Justice League of America #187)
Elongated Man
Flash III (in between pages of Flash Vol. 2 #216)

Guest Star(s):

Batman (also in flashback immediately following Doctor Light's flashback in issue #3)
Doctor Mid-Nite II (last in JSA #67)
Mister Terrific II (last in JSA #67)
Robin III
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Flash II (in flashback immediately following flashback in issue #2)

Supporting Character(s):

Jack Drake (deceased; next, as a Black Lantern, in Blackest Night: Batman #1)
Owen Mercer (becomes Captain Boomerang II)
Lois Lane
Jean Loring


Captain Boomerang (deceased)
Captain Cold (appearance same as Flash Vol. 2 #216, page 17, panel 1)
Deadshot (next in Deadshot Vol. 2 #1)
Doctor Light III (also in flashback immediately following flashback in issue #2; next in Teen Titans Vol. 3 #20)
Monocle (next in Manhunter Vol. 3 #8)

Guest Appearance(s):

Green Arrow II (next in Flash Vol. 2 #216)
Iris Allen
Kate Spencer (in between Manhunter Vol. 3 #4 and #5)
Martian Manhunter
Superman (last in JSA #67)
Wonder Woman

Other Character(s):

Teri Phyllis (a television reporter)


Continued directly from the previous issue. A couple of days pass during this issue. Continues directly in the next issue.


From the very start, Batman's been on the murder case and sifting through clues. No one knows better what it's like to lose someone you love. He's the World's Greatest Detective, and after the events of this issue, it's even more important than ever for The Dark Knight to prove it..


Robin arrives back at his home, but he is too late to save his father. As he grieves, the super-heroic community remembers lost loved ones and gradually starts to return to normal, puzzled that Captain Boomerang was responsible for the deaths, but relieved that he can kill no more. Flash confronts Green Arrow and learns that the League voted to wipe Batman's memories the same night that they altered Doctor Light. He came in as Zatanna was magically operating on the villain and was outraged. The others knew that this could be the end of the League, so they voted to remove the memory from his mind. Green Arrow assumes that Batman is now aware of this, but can not be sure. Meanwhile, the villains wonder who hired Captain Boomerang and who sent Jack Drake a warning note. And both Batman and Doctor Mid-Nite continue their investigations. Batman makes a sudden realisation just as Doctor Mid-Nite discovers some tiny footprints in Sue Dibny's brain. Both men believe they know who the killer is.