Insignia-indigotribe.gif INDIGO TRIBE BIOGRAPHY
Created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver

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The Original Universe


Status: Active
Current Members: Indigo-1, Munk, Kreaven, Slog the Slayer,
Base of Operation: Nok
First Appearance: Cameo: Green Lantern Vol. 4 #25 (January 2008): "Birth of the Black Lantern"
Actual appearance: Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1 (September 2009)
Creators: Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver



The last of the seven corps to become known to the universe, the Indigo Tribe utilizes the power of compassion. The details of the indigo light, including its origin and full usage have yet to be revealed, however it has recently been learned there is a Compassion Entity. Members of the tribe shun individualism, discarding everything including their names. The tribe chose the woman known as Indigo-1 as their leader. The language spoken by the Indigo Tribe cannot be translated by the Green Lantern power rings, though Indigo-1 claims the tribe can speak English if they choose to. Members of the Indigo Tribe wield indigo power rings, as well as a power staff, which appears to be a version of a power battery atop a long walking staff.

The earliest known contact between the Green Lantern Corps and the Indigo Tribe was on a world in Sector 3544. The sector’s Green Lantern, Sarolis, was battling a Sinestro Corps soldier. Sarolis was badly wounded, and in an act yet to be fully explained, Indigo-1 used the emerald energy to end Sarolis’ life. Indigo-1 then absorbed the yellow light of the Sinestro Corps soldier, turning it back upon him in the form of fear, causing the Sinestro to flee. Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1

Recently, Indigo-1 and Munk visited Earth, seeking out Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Combining the green light with indigo, they were able to neutralize the black rings of Black Lanterns Ralph and Sue Dibny. Indigo-1 sought to gather the most powerful members of each of the various Corps to replicate the white light of creation and destroy the source of the black rings. To this end, Guardian Ganthet created a duplicate Indigo Tribe power ring which chose the Atom AKA Ray Palmer as the newest member of the Indigo Tribe.

Members of the Indigo Tribe went to the homweworlds of the other Corps, trying to gather as many ring wielders as possible to Earth to battle Nekron. -Blackest Night #3, Green Lantern Vol. 4 #46, Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 # 45


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