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JSA 42

JSA #42

Cover Date: January 2003
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Art: Rags Morales (signed)
Colors: John Kalisz
Color Separations: Heroic Age

Story: "Paradox Play" (22 Pages)


StoryGeoff Johns, David S. Goyer
PencilsLeonard Kirk
InksKeith Champagne
LetteringKen Lopez
ColorsJohn Kalisz
Color separationsHeroic Age
Associate editingStephen Wacker
EditingPeter J. Tomasi

Feature Character(s):

Hawkgirl II
Mister Terrific II
Captain Marvel
Doctor Fate IV
Mister Terrific (next in Sensation Comics #29/5)

Guest Star(s):

Freedom Fighters:
Uncle Sam (last in flashback in Justice League of America Vol. 2 #42; next in National Comics #41)
Ray (last in flashback in Justice League of America Vol. 2 #42; next in flashbacks in Ray Vol. 2 #28)
Red Bee (probably last in Hit Comics #24)
Black Condor I (last in flashback in Manhunter Vol. 3 #23; next in flashback in Ray Vol. 2 #18)
Human Bomb (between Police Comics #39 and #40)
Phantom Lady (last in second flashback in Manhunter Vol. 3 #23; next in flashback in Starman Vol. 2 #44)
Doll Man (between Feature Comics #77 and #78)
Firebrand I (last in All-Star Squadron #50; last appearance)
Miss America


Black Barax (last appearance)
Cutter (first appearance; the supposed creator of the Doctor Fate's Amulet of Anubus)
Vandal Savage
Ahk-Ton (first appearance)


Story continues in the next issue.


Inside the time cube of Black Barax, JSA members Hawkgirl and Mister Terrific watch Captain Marvel disappear - Hawkgirl believes he has been sent to ancient Egypt. They encounter the original Mister Terrific, discovering that they are in 1944, traveling with the Golden Age hero to Washington DC, where the Freedom Fighters are battling Black Barax. He wants the Human Bomb, a power source which could provide energy for his time cube, but the two Mister Terrifics call his bluff - the original tells him that he is one of Barax's ancestors and threatens to kill himself, ensuring that Barax could hence never be born. Faced with this prospect, the villain retreats to his own time, while Hawkgirl and Mister Terrific seek out Captain Marvel in the past, where they encounter a familiar, and most unwelcome face: Vandal Savage.