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Created by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane

The Original Universe


Aliases: Eclipso
Status: Deceased
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Ray Palmer (ex-husband); Paul Hoben (husband; status unknown); Jimmy (nephew); Freddy (nephew)
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Showcase #34 (September-October 1961): "Birth of the Atom"
Creators: Gardner Fox and Gil Kane


Jean Loring's career as an attorney in Ivy Town began at almost the same time that her boyfriend, Ray Palmer, became the Atom (II). Jean encountered the Atom many times before learning that he and Ray were the same person. Several adventures together – including experiencing a strange condition that made her teleport spontaneously between dimensions – ultimately lead to their marriage. For a few short years, they were happy – then Ray’s adventurous life began taking its toll on their marriage and they divorced.

Despite the occasional high-profile case, notably her one-time defense of the Justice League of America, Jean didn't truly come to national prominence until the divorce. Jean soon re-married and with her new husband, Paul Hoben, opened up a law office in Calvin City. She eventually returned to Ivy Town without him and established the firm of Grabemann, Loring and Ross. In general, Jean is not involved in criminal law anymore and attends to more mundane matters such as the administration of the estates of Carter Hall and David 'Chronos' Clinton. She makes exceptions, though, as in her defense of Risk of the Teen Titans.

Recently, Jean realized she missed Ray in her life and was determined to get him back. The surest way to do this, she thought, would be to endanger another loved one of a hero, sending all the others running back to their spouses and other relatives, including Ray. Using one of Ray's old costumes, she attempted to cause a minor stroke in Sue Dibny, but applied too much pressure to her brain and killed her. Panicking, she faked an attack on her own life and set up Captain Boomerang to be killed by Jack Drake and thus take the blame. Unfortunately, Jack Drake was also killed, leaving the current Robin an orphan. She was eventually found out by Ray (who had indeed returned to her) and was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.


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