Created by Mort Weisinger and Chad Grothkopf

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The Original Universe


Real Name: Johnny Chambers
Identity: Secret
Occupation: newsreel photographer for Sees All / Tells All News, later CEO of Quickstart, Inc.
Status: Deceased
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Libby Lawrence (ex-wife), Jesse Chambers (daughter)
Base of Operation: Mobile
Group Affiliation(s): All-Star Squadron
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #71/2 (September 1941): "The Riddle of the Crying Clown!"
Creators: Mort Weisinger and Chad Grothkopf


A Golden age hero who visualized the formula 3x2 (9YZ) 4A in order to gain bursts of super-speed, which he could also use to fly short distances or to vibrate through solid objects. He married his All-Star Squadron team-mate Liberty Belle, with whom he fathered a child, Jesse. He was absorbed into the mystical 'speed force' about two years ago when he and other speedsters made a desperate effort to stop the villain Savitar. His daughter continues his legacy as Jesse Quick.


Orphaned at a young age, Johnny Chambers was taken in by a family friend, Professor Ezra Gill. Prof. Gill was fascinated with the discoveries made by the ancient Egyptians, and spent the later years of his life deciphering and translating a papyrus scroll found in a tomb years earlier. Translating it out, he discovered it was a "Speed Formula", and after converting it into modern algebraic equivalents, found it gave him super human speed. However, Gill was terminally ill and over the years taught the formula and its applications to young Johnny, who had no real head for math (his love was photography, both still and motion).

After Gill's death in early 1941, Johnny took his meager inheritance and tried to make his fortune in New York City, finally landing a job with Sees All / Tells All News. Teaming with another photographer, Theodore Tobias "Tubby" Watts, the two found themselves in the midst of a mystery. Using a circus costume, Johnny used the Speed Formula to crack the mystery and get some very good film footage. Inspired by The Flash, Johnny decided to use his talents for the greater good, began adventuring (aided by Tubby) as Johnny Quick.

Considered as a second-rate hero, Johnny nevertheless joined with the newly formed group of heroes The All-Star Squadron, and meeting his future wife, team leader Liberty Belle. John and Libby Lawrence were married April 1, 1942. The two were seldom together, with both heroes traveling on both heroic and work related reasons, and after World War II, Liberty Belle retired her heroic identity to concentrate on her career. Johnny and Tubby continued to adventure, this driving a wedge between the couple.

Into the early 1960's, Johnny still was semi-active, his natural vitality maintained by the Speed Formula (he figured that it activated a gene within his body that aided in this), and with the fading of the Newsreel industry, began freelancing video production. Buying out Sees All/Tells All, he finally began focusing more on his homelife, but even after having a daughter, Jesse, he and Libby split up.

Deciding that anybody could benefit from some of the same, Johnny began selling vitamins and self-help advice under the name Quickstart, Inc. Throwing himself into his work, his focus with his daughter became trying to give her the same superspeed abilities as himself, but she was unsuccessful until her college years when she teamed with the Justice Society as Jesse Quick.

Mostly retired, Chambers was drawn back into the super-hero game by both Max Mercury and the third Flash. Johnny lost his life during his second run-in with Savitar, but finally happy that his daughter was a both a successful businesswoman and heroine.


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