The Original Universe


Aliases: Justice League America, Justice League Europe, Justice League Task Force
Former Members:  BatmanBlack CanaryBlue BeetleCaptain MarvelDoctor FateGreen Lantern (Guy Gardner)Martian ManhunterMister MiracleBooster Gold,
First Appearance: Legends #6 (April 1987)


Member First Appearance Joined Status Note
Batman Detective Comics #27      
Black Canary        
Blue Beetle     Deceased  
Captain Marvel        
Doctor Fate     Deceased  
Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) Green Lantern Vol. 2 #59      
Martian Manhunter        
Mister Miracle     Deceased  
Booster Gold Booster Gold #1      


A group of heroes who banded together in homage to the original Justice League which somehow allowed itself to be taken over by Maxwell Lord whose marketing skills brought the team to the notice of the United Nations. The UN officially sanctioned the group, calling it Justice League International. The original membership consisted of Batman, Black Canary II, Blue Beetle II, Captain Marvel, Dr Fate II, Guy Gardner, Martian Manhunter and Mister Miracle, soon joined by Booster Gold and (briefly) Dr Light II.

When the team became international, representatives from the governments of the USA and the USSR joined in the persons of Captain Atom and Rocket Red, with Dr Fate and Captain Marvel choosing to leave at this point, and Batman fading into the background. Joined by Fire, Ice and an impostor Hawkman and Hawkwoman, the team stayed relatively stable until a massive alien invasion of the Earth which convinced Max to split the team in half. One half, named Justice League America, remained in New York (members Batman, Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Martian Manhunter, Guy Gardner and Mister Miracle), and gained a reputation for near-farcical ineptitude (though somehow managing to win the day). The other half, Justice League Europe, was based in Paris and boasted among its members Animal Man, Captain Atom, Elongated Man, Flash III, Metamorpho, Power Girl, Rocket Red and Wonder Woman. Justice League embassies were also set up in most UN member states, notable members of staff including Oberon, Catherine Cobert, Sue Dibny and the Beefeater. It's probably best not to mention the debacle that was Justice League Antarctica.

Over the years, the group grew in size (the JLA added such members as Big Barda, General Glory I, Orion, Lighray and Huntress II, while the JLE recruited Blue Jay, Crimson Fox and the Silver Sorceress) until a crisis forced another rethink in the make-up of the League. Justice League Europe relocated to London, where it was led by Green Lantern Hal Jordan, later re-naming itself Justice League International, and fighting a number of wacky religious cults. Members at this time included Metamorpho, Power Girl, Elongated Man, Dr Light, Crimson Fox, Tasmanian Devil, Maya and Aquaman. The American branch was led by Superman and recruited Bloodwynd and Maxima. After Superman's 'death', Wonder Woman led the group, with the Ray and Captain Atom joining the ranks. Meanwhile, the Martian Manhunter, assisted by Gypsy, headed up a Justice League Task Force which had a rotating membership, carrying out specific duties for the UN. All of this came to a crashing end when the League fought Overmaster against the UN's orders, causing the body to withdraw its support. Three rival Leagues, led by Wonder Woman, Captain Atom and Martian Manhunter, existed for a while until superseded by the JLA.


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Who's Who: Update '87 #3 (October 1987)