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Justice League of America 107


Cover Date: September-October 1973
Cover Price: $0.20
Publication Date: 1973-06-05


Cover Credits:
Art: Nick Cardy

Story: "Crisis on Earth-X!" (23 Pages)


StoryLen Wein
PencilsDick Dillin
InksDick Giordano
LetteringBen Oda
ColorsGlynis Wein
EditingJulius Schwartz

Feature Character(s):

Justice League of America
Batman (last in Batman Vol. 1 #253)
Black Canary (last in Action Comics #428/2; next in issue #109)
Flash (Barry Allen; last in Flash #224; next in Action Comics #429, then Flash Vol. 1 #225)
Green Arrow (last in Action Comics #428/2)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan; last Flash #224/2)
Red Tornado
Elongated Man (last in Detective Comics #436/2)

Guest Star(s):

Justice Society of America
Doctor Fate (last in issue #102)
Flash (Jay Garrick; last in Flash #215)
Hourman (Rex Tyler; in between issues #102 and #113)
Sandman (Wesley Dodds; last in issue #102)
Superman (last in issue #92)
Freedom Fighters (first appearance as a team)
Black Condor (last in All-Star Squadron #50; see Comments)
Doll Man (last in All-Star Squadron #50; see Comments)
Human Bomb (last in All-Star Squadron #50; see Comments)
Phantom Lady (last in All-Star Squadron #50; see Comments)
Ray (last in All-Star Squadron #50; see Comments)
Uncle Sam (last in All-Star Squadron #50; see Comments)


Adolf Hitler Computer (first appearance; a computer programmed by Hitler that controls Earth-X; behind the scenes)

Cameo Appearance(s):

Blackhawks (last in All-Star Squadron #50; presumed to have died; see Comments)
Plastic Man (last in All-Star Squadron #50; presumed to have died; see Comments)


JLA Satellite
Paris, France


First appearance of the Transmatter Cube.
During All-Star Squadron #50, a large group of heroes from Earth-Two migrate to the heroless Earth-X. It is not known if any move back to Earth-Two before this story, or any other heroes follow them. Several of the heroes shown in the migration have post-World War II adventures that do not show a Nazi-dominated world. It is possible that the stories shown take place on another Earth that have these heroes, but history takes the course shown on Earths One and Two. (This Earth is commonly called Earth-Q (for Quality) in the fan writings about this subject, but not officially recognized by DC Comics)
A post-Crisis version of this story was recounted in Countdown #46/2 (August 2007 [June 13]): "History of the Multiverse, Chapter Four"

Story Reprinted in:

Crisis on Multiple Earths #3 ([September] 2004)
Showcase Presents: Justice League of America #6 ([April] 2013)
Justice League of America: The Bronze Age Omnibus #1 ([May] 2017)
Crisis on Multiple Earths (DC, 2021 series) #2 - Crisis Crossed (2021 [March 2022])


The annual team-up between the Justice League of Earth-One and the Justice Society of Earth-Two takes both to a brand new world: Earth-X, the home of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters!