Created by Peter David and Kirk Jarvinen; Marty Egeland

The Original Universe


Real Name: Kako
Occupation: Fire elemental
Known Relatives: Koryak (son)
Gender: Female
First Appearance: (as Kako): Aquaman: Time and Tide #3 (February 1994): "Snowball in Hell"
Aquaman Vol. 5 #7 (March 1995): "Revenge Runs Deep"
Creators: Peter David and Kirk Jarvinen; Marty Egeland


Formerly Kako, an Alaskan Inuit and the mother of Aquaman's son Koryak, Corona was born when Kako burned to death during an attack by the Deep Six. Her soul became Earth's newest fire elemental, able to control her element to great destructive or beneficial effect. Corona is still active, though she rarely interacts with the planet's heroic population.


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