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Created by Todd Klein and Tod Smith

The Original Universe


Name: Karna
Space Sector: 2828
Sun(s): Vega
Environment: Tropical
Atmosphere: Earth-like
Dominant Lifeform: Karnan Felines; Gordanians; Ssilithiss
Affiliations: Alien Alliance II (former)
Prominent Inhabitants: Tigorr; Felicity; Uhlan
First Appearance: Omega Men #14 (May 1984): "Confessions"
Creators: Todd Klein and Tod Smith


The planet Karna features one of the greatest varieties of lifeforms of any of the planets in the Vega System. Tropical, humid and oxygen-rich, although the majority of the lifeforms are lacking for certain complex proteins. This has caused the evolution of life to favor predators, both plants and animals, always hungry for the next meal.