Created by John Broome and Gil Kane

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The Original Universe


Full Name: Katma Tui-Stewart
Occupation: Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Homeworld: Korugar
Space Sector: 1417
Race: Korugarians
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: John Stewart (husband)
Group Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 131 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 2 #30 (July 1964): "Once A Green Lantern -- Always A Green Lantern!"
Creators: John Broome and Gil Kane


As a young woman on Korugar, Katma Tui constantly felt the crushing influence of her homeworld's Green Lantern, Sinestro. Flags and banners were displayed across the capital city of Whoenere in honor of Sinestro. Katma Tui joined Sinestro's "Young Lantern Brigade", a group he created to promote his version of "order" on Korugar.

Sinestro regularly patrolled Space Sector 1417, protecting his homeworld from would-be invaders, and forbade his race from space travel. "Concerned" for his people, he would not leave Korugar for long. Upon his return, the Korugarians had to prepare celebrations for their "hero". To the Guardians of the Universe, Sinestro appeared to be a model Green Lantern. To the people of Korugar, he was a tyrant.

During the training of the newest Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, Sinestro had to leave Korugar for Earth. The Korugarians used this time to plan the overthrow of their Green Lantern.

Sinestro and Jordan had made enemies of the Khunds by disrupting a forming alliance between the Khunds, the Dominion, and the Citadel. Katma Tui did not trust the Khunds, but they offered to help arm the Korugarians as revenge against Sinestro.

When Sinestro returned to Korugar with Jordan, he was in for a hostile welcome. The populace opened fire on the two Green Lanterns.

The Green Lanterns fled and Korugar rejoiced. It was not long before more Green Lanterns arrived. Led by Tomar-Re of Xudar, the Green Lanterns were sent to investigate the anti-Green Lantern uprising. The Korugarians responded with force. The Xudarian was puzzled by the Korugarians' hostility and singled out Katma Tui for questioning.

The fugitive Green Lanterns were later captured on Earth by the robotic Fists of the Guardians. Katma Tui was brought to Oa to testify against Sinestro. She witnessed the renegade Green Lantern's sentencing to the Anti-Matter universe of Qward.

Lacking a Green Lantern for Space Sector 1417, Tomar-Re suggested Katma as a candidate. Presumably, she was trained by Kilowog and Tomar-Re.

While Katma Tui was still in her probationary period as a Green Lantern, Korugar was threatened by a giant amoeba creature. One of Korugar's most brilliant scientists, Imi Kann, collaborated with the Green Lantern in the fight against the amoeba. Katma destroyed the creature by shattering its nucleus, causing it to dissolve completely.

During their time together, Imi Kann had fallen in love with Katma Tui, and she felt herself returning his love. The two soon were making plans to marry and raise a family. Katma Tui decided to leave the Green Lantern Corps.

Katma Tui had the makings of an exemplary Green Lantern, and the Guardians had tried to dissuade her from resigning from the Corps. To this end, they sent Hal Jordan to persuade Katma to change her mind. Though he had to create an imaginary threat for Katma to fight, Jordan was able to convince Katma that her loyalty to the Corps out weighed her love for Imi Kann.

The Korugarian Green Lantern again saw action with the Corps during a breakout on the Guardians' prison planet. Earth criminal Al Magone had led the cosmic criminals in a plot to destroy all Green Lanterns. A number of Green Lanterns were killed by the plot, including Chogar of Tyrea and Davo Yull of Pharma.

Katma Tui went on to prove herself as an accomplished Green Lantern. She escaped the evil influence of the alien being Ffa'rzz the Mocker and turned to Hal Jordan for help. Ffa'rzz had sought to spread chaos throughout the universe and had managed to mentally control the Guardians and members of the Green Lantern Corps. Katma Tui was left drained by blocking the Mocker's attempts at subjugation. The Mocker sent one of the Green Lanterns to capture Katma Tui. The Green Lantern of Korugar went to Earth to warn Hal Jordan.

She was found by Oliver Queen, better known as Green Arrow. Queen prevented the hostile Green Lantern from taking Katma Tui back to Oa. Hal Jordan tracked the alien Green Lantern back to Oa where he was attacked by the Guardians and his fellow Green Lanterns.

Recovering from her injuries, Katma Tui told Green Arrow and Black Canary of the threat to the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps.

A doctor came to the Ferris estate to treat Katma Tui. He advised taking the her to the local hospital. Outside the mansion, a group of terrorists planned the abduction of Carol Ferris. They mistakenly believed Katma Tui was Ferris, being carried by Green Arrow. The terrorists were easy to fight off, but in the melee, Katma Tui wandered off.

After defeating a hostile alien race that had infiltrated Oa, Jordan was transported back to Earth, but he had unwittingly brought the Mocker with him. The creature fought Jordan, Green Arrow, and Black Canary before it disappeared.

The terrorists were freed from confinement by the head of the Musto family. He was disappointed by his son's failure to kidnap Ferris. They decided Katma Tui might be a better choice and decided to take her instead of Ferris.

Katma's ring was useless, since it was more than twenty-four hours since it had been charged. She was overwhelmed by the terrorists and taken in their car. Though she was their captive, Katma Tui felt no fear. She scanned the surroundings and chose to grab the car's steering wheel, sending the car plunging over the side of a bridge. They were rescued by Hal Jordan and Green Arrow. The terrorists escaped when the heroes were attacked by the Mocker.

Some time afterwards, the two Green Lanterns brought Green Arrow and Jordan's alien friend Itty to a monolithic spacecraft in the vicinity of Oa. Ffa'rzz the Mocker was waiting and launched an attack that was quickly repelled. They made their way to the airlock of the starship.

Green Arrow discovered the Mocker had been inhabiting the body of Jordan's alien companion, Itty. Together, the heroes of Earth devised a plan to draw out the Mocker and finally trap him. Katma Tui brought the Mocker back to Oa to face the justice of the Guardians.

The Mocker escaped once more, targeting the Guardians as his enemies. Katma Tui's power ring lost energy and she attempted to charge it at the Central Power Battery, only to discover the Mocker had linked himself to it. She knew what he knew, his past was open to her through the link to the Central Power Battery. Ffa'rzz the Mocker saw no purpose in life, he believed it was useless to look for a reason for existence.

The Green Lantern of Korugar brought her own memories into play against the Mocker's thoughts. As she grew stronger the Mocker weakened. Realizing Katma Tui posed a threat to him, he turned his powers on her. Katma Tui focused on the sacrifices she had made to become a Green Lantern, the love of Imi Kann she had denied to serve the Corps.

The Mocker fell, unable to accept what he had seen. The Guardians would take care of the Mocker, and they would help him find his purpose in existence. Katma Tui returned to space, her mind at rest. Never again would she question her decision to remain in the Green Lantern Corps.

As a part of the Corps, Katma Tui served under Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard member Tomar-Re during the war against Krona and Nekron. In another battle, Katma Tui was instrumental in a surgical strike against the Weaponers of Qward. Alongside Hal Jordan and Arisia, Katma Tui helped destroy the Anti-Green Lantern Corps.

Katma Tui also recruited members of the Corps, most notably during her mission to the Obsidian Deeps, when she discovered Rot Lop Fan.

The Obsidian Deeps was a part of space through which light could not penetrate. The Guardians assigned Katma Tui the responsibility of recruiting a new Green Lantern for that area.

The darkness threatened to swallow the emerald beam of the power ring, but Katma Tui pressed on. She found an alien creature sitting alone on a rock and said hello.

The sound greatly upset the creature known as Rot Lop Fan, shocking it into action. The Green Lantern apologized, she had not realized the silicon based creature was blind, as eyes were useless in the inky black of the Obsidian Deeps.

The concepts of "green" and "lantern" were completely foreign to Rot Lop Fan. Without light there was no color, and there had never been an instrument to light the way through the dark, so a lantern was meaningless.

Katma Tui hit upon using sound to work where light could not. She instructed Rot Lop Fan to imagine a bell, and with it create a sound. The creature learned quickly after that. While the Green Lantern Corps was something Rot Lop Fan could not understand, the F-Sharp Bell Corps was something it could be proud of.

After months of difficulties with the Guardians of the Universe, Hal Jordan resigned for the love of Carol Ferris. This infuriated Katma Tui, not because of jealousy, but because Jordan had asked her to sacrifice the love of Imi Kann for the duties of the Green Lantern Corps.

Jordan's successor was architect John Stewart of Earth. Though he had served for years as a temporary Green Lantern, Stewart turned down the offer. Katma Tui dismissed Stewart as a cowardly Earthman, her anger at Jordan's resignation was directed at his chosen successor. Stewart accepted Katma Tui's challenge and became the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

Moments after Stewart's departure, the Guardians were attacked by the extra-dimensional entity known as Maaldor. He had abducted three Guardians and somehow overrode the power from the Central Battery, cutting off power to the rings of all Green Lanterns save those that were on Oa at that very moment.

Katma Tui worked alongside Xax of Xaos in the rescue of the Guardians. Maaldor was eventually defeated, but at the cost of Arkkis Chummuck's life.

John Stewart's first few days were successful as Green Lantern, but a mishap during the rescue of the space shuttle Champion caused Stewart to seriously doubt his effectiveness. The new Green Lantern of Sector 2814 requested further training in the use of the power ring. Katma Tui was assigned to train him.

Stewart wished to learn the previous ring wielder's true identity, but Katma kept Jordan's identity a secret from him. She wanted the new Green Lantern to believe his predecessor was an honorable man. The Korugarian Green Lantern would live with Stewart during his training.

The public revelation of Stewart's identity as Green Lantern brought instant popularity, but not from Carol Ferris. Stewart was fired from his job as architect at Ferris Aircraft. To avoid additional attention, Katma Tui altered her skin color to match that of John's.

Katma could not bear to see Jordan and Ferris together, so she kissed Jordan to upset the former Green Lantern and his love. The move puzzled Stewart and Katma was forced to cover Jordan's identity by claiming she had sought to pay Ferris back for unfairly firing Stewart as an architect.

Ferris Aircraft became a battleground once more as Sonar entered the picture. A brief fight with the Master of Sound brought Stewart into the spotlight one more. Katma Tui kept her role in the fight a secret from the media.

Sonar was later freed from prison by his new allies Throttle and Blindside. The trio of villains managed to defeat the Green Lanterns but did not stay around to finish them off.

Returning to Stewart's apartment, Katma Tui questioned him on the meaning of the Green Lantern oath. It was not enough for Stewart to speak the words, he needed to believe in it. Katma Tui was proud of the Green Lantern Corps and wanted to see to it that Stewart developed the responsibility befitting a Green Lantern.

The Green Lanterns were tested once more when they met up with Sonar and his allies. Katma Tui lost concentration for a moment while supporting a falling building. She did not realize she had overrode her ring's automatic defense system and left herself open to an assault by Throttle. The villain sped up Katma Tui's heart, straining it to near bursting. Stewart was forced to withdraw.

The rookie Green Lantern flew off, his location monitored by Sonar as Stewart headed east. Sonar was still watching the eastern horizon when Stewart hit the villains from the west. Katma was surprised and pleased by Stewart, but his kiss was a bigger surprise.

Stewart continued to search for the identity of his predecessor to no avail. Other mysteries needed to be solved, such as a stolen memory from the lives of Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Stewart. Tawny Young brought videotaped evidence of a forgotten gathering at Carol Ferris' estate, and even she could not remember why they had gathered. There was little time to view the tape due to the arrival of The Predator.

Katma Tui's concern over John Stewart gave the Predator a chance to escape. The Green Lantern of Korugar was immune to the memory dampening powers of the Predator and told the twice-victimized heroes of the strange sounds she had heard before their minds were blanked.

Katma Tui instinctively knew who was involved in their memory loss. The two Green Lanterns travelled through space to sector 2813, where they met with Dalor, the Green Lantern of Timron.

Dalor joined his fellow Green Lanterns in their investigation of the planet Zamaron. The trio arrived in time to see the coronation of Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire, the Queen of the Zamarons. Although their memories of this event were also wiped away, a previous mental command to their power rings reestablished the Zamaron erased memories.

Katma Tui and John Stewart made their way back to Earth. Their course took them through the solar system's asteroid belt where Katma chose to hold training exercises. Unfortunately for Stewart, the training almost proved deadly, when he was attacked by Replikon.

The shapeshifting creature had fought Hal Jordan years earlier. Replikon had come to Earth to create a new world for its unborn children. As Green Lantern, Jordan had to save the Earth from the environmental destruction necessary to create a habitat for the alien species. Jordan returned Replikon to the asteroid field from which it came.

Stewart lost concentration for a moment during the fight, losing the battle and his ring to Replikon. Katma Tui was swiftly defeated by their foe. Replikon took their rings, but would give Stewart back his ring if he agreed to a deal: Take the power ring and destroy the Earth's ozone layer or Katma Tui would die.

John Stewart agreed, but he planned deceive Replikon. He would fly off for twenty-four hours and let Katma Tui's ring run out of power, than return to contain Replikon.

Katma Tui forbade Stewart from lying to Replikon. She knew as well as Stewart that the ring's power would run out, but she stressed the importance of honor and integrity in the Green Lantern Corps. A Green Lantern should do everything in his power not to lie. Katma Tui offered another option to Stewart: he could exert mental control over his power ring from a distance.

Stewart took control of his ring just as Replikon blasted Katma Tui. Even though it was worn by Replikon, Katma Tui's ring would protect her from mortal injury. The battle was brief, Replikon was no match for Stewart.

The Green Lanterns asked permission of the Guardians of the Universe to rebuild Replikon's world. They approved of Stewart's idea and dismissed him. The Guardians reviewed Stewart's progress with his trainer. Katma Tui felt her student was progressing better than she had originally thought. The Guardians also knew of the pair's feelings for each other, and they approved.

Taking materials from Mars, Jupiter, and the asteroid field, the Green Lanterns created a beautiful new world for Replikon. Soon after the world was completed, Replikon's children were born. The alien was very grateful and invited the Green Lanterns to stay.

The emerald crusaders turned down Replikon's offer and returned to an Earth struck by the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths. Rainstorms and red skies awaited their arrival. They sought out Green Arrow and Black Canary to learn what had happened in their absence, but were interrupted by the arrival of Harbinger.

Against Katma Tui's objections, John Stewart was taken by Harbinger to serve the Monitor in one of five crucial battles across time. Katma Tui believed her experience as a Green Lantern made her a better choice than Stewart, and she had been assigned to remain with Stewart. Harbinger refused, as she had been instructed to only bring Green Lantern John Stewart.

While John fought in the past, Katma Tui sent an energy twin to appraise the Guardians of the situation. She was advised to return to Earth and await further instructions.

Though she had been assigned to protect Earth, Katma Tui sent an energy twin to neighboring Space Sector 2813 to warn Green Lantern Dalor of Timron. Nothing remained of Dalor's world. Katma Tui was shocked by her findings, but did not feel fear. She flew off to check on Hal Jordan.

Pain ripped across her body as the Anti-Monitor struck at the Guardians. The power of the ring broke for a moment, and she knew the Guardians were in danger. Sending her energy twin back to Oa, she found her passage blocked. Oa was sealed off by an inpenetrable forcefield.

Katma Tui saw how crushed Jordan was by the loss of his power ring and Carol Ferris. Though she had laughed at Jordan, feeling he got what he deserved, she now felt she had misjudged him. With John Stewart, Katma knew how it felt to love someone and how much it would hurt to lose them. She offered to be friends with Jordan once more.

The Green Lantern of Korugar protected Earth from the massive quakes that tore at the European continent. She was diverting a lava flow when her power ring gave out once more. The reserve power of the ring protected her from a fatal landing.

The emerald energy soon returned, as did John Stewart. He claimed the Crisis was over, and his arrival gave Katma Tui the opportunity to send her energy twin to Oa. The Green Lantern of Korugar needed to know her new assignment from the Guardians, but was surprised to see the energy barrier surrounding Oa still remained. The Crisis had not passed.

Katma Tui's home sector had been protected by Salakk of Slyggia, the Green Lantern of neighboring Space Sector 1418. She sent her energy twin to journey through her home sector.

The Crisis was too much for any single Green Lantern, so instead of saving both sectors, large parts of 1417 and 1418 were destroyed. Reviewing the situation with Katma Tui, Salakk had found the bodies of Eddore of Tront and Zborra of Python IV, killed in the wake of the universal destruction.

Katma Tui returned to Earth and caught up with John Stewart. The two Green Lanterns had apprehended Guy Gardner and his growing army of super-villains when they were stopped by Hal Jordan.

Though it seemed unlikely, Jordan had contacted the Guardians of the Universe and been given a power ring. Guy Gardner was charged with an attack on the white spot of the Dark Moon of Qward. According to Gardner, the destruction of the moon would cripple the Anti-Monitor. Hal Jordan sided with Guy Gardner, and he too planned to join the attack on Qward.

Katma Tui accepted Jordan's judgment despite John's reservations, and they both watched as Gardner, Jordan, and the criminals left for the battle in Qward. Katma Tui and John Stewart were surprised by the arrival of Sinestro. The ex-Green Lantern warned them Gardner's plan would doom the universe.

The Korugarian Green Lantern did not trust her predeccessor. It took Stewart to get her to listen to Sinestro's arguement. Stewart believed they should ask the Guardians for guidance on the matter, despite the energy shield around Oa.

The renegade convinced the two Green Lanterns to pool their power with his to propel Stewart to Oa. The green and yellow energies repelled each other, detonating and carrying Stewart across the reaches of space.

Katma Tui realized soon after that Sinestro had tricked them. Fortunately, Stewart and the Guardians discovered Sinestro and immobilized him. The Guardians disabled the energy shield around Oa so that Katma Tui could send her energy form to Oa. One Guardian then left to retrieve her physical form/

After meeting and conferring with the Guardians, the Green Lantern Corps was sent to Qward to intercept Guy Gardner's group. Despite his ulterior motives, Sinestro had been right. The destruction of the dark moon of Qward would free the Anti-Monitor from any physical bounds.

En route to the moon, they found Hal Jordan abandoned in space, his power ring taken by Gardner. The Green Lanterns soon fought Gardner's army as well as the Weaponers of Qward. When the war began, Stewart placed Jordan on the moon within a protective aura. Katma Tui battled the Shark with the assistance of Green Lantern Xax of Xaos.

Though Gardner was stopped by Stewart, many Green Lanterns died that day. Xax was struck down by a Weaponer, and noble Tomar-Re of Xudar was mortally wounded by Goldface. Before he died, the Xudarian passed on his power ring to John Stewart, so that Stewart's ring could be returned to Hal Jordan.

After the crisis was finally ended, Katma Tui and John Stewart were sent to Maltus to enlist the help of former Guardian Appa Ali Apsa. They were given a starship to travel to Maltus, and used the time to relax and unwind. They did not know what the future held for them, but they planned to discover it together.

Appa Ali Apsa did not want to return to Oa, he had cast aside his brothers as they had exiled him. The two Green Lanterns explained the events that had altered the universe, and Appa Ali Apsa was convinced. He would join them.

The trip to Oa was almost ended by an attack from the Wepaoners of Qward. John Stewart fought the Qwardians outside the starship while Katma Tui defended Appa Ali Apsa.

She was momentarily blinded by an ocu-blast and Appa Ali Apsa was required to protect her until she recovered. The Wepaoners realized too late that the Old Timer did not possess his immortal energy. Katma Tui had enough time to regain her control and she and Stewart rounded up the last of their attackers.

On Oa, the Green Lantern Corps gathered to witness an unprecedented sight. After two point five billion years, the Zamarons reunited with the Guardians of the Universe.

The departure of the Guardians and the Zamarons for another plane of existence meant a change in responsibilities for the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan and John Stewart were assigned to Earth to help usher in the next immortal race in the coming Millennium. Arisia and Katma Tui decided to join them on Earth.

The four Green Lanterns were joined by Kilowog of Bolovax Vik, Ch'p of H'Lven and Salakk. Now known as the Green Lantern Corps of Earth, the seven ring wielders pledged to serve the world and its people. Their costumes were redesigned to reflect their personalities, and John and Katma chose to visually link themselves with matching costumes. The Green Lanterns based themselves on the west coast and built a Citadel outside Los Angeles.




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