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 Unofficial Kents Index

Kents 3


Cover Date: October 1997
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Art: Timothy Truman

Story: "Bleeding Kansas, Part 3" (22 Pages)


StoryJohn Ostrander
PencilsTimothy Truman
InksMichael Bair
LetteringBill Oakley
ColorsCarla Feeny
Color separationsDigital Chameleon
EditingPeter J. Tomasi

Feature Character(s):

Nathaniel Kent
Jebediah Kent
Jonathan Kent (in the present)
Clark Kent (in the present)


Luther Reid
Border Ruffians
Sheriff Sam Jones
John Brown
William Clarke Quantril (AKA Charlie Hart)

Other Character(s):

President Franklin Pierce
President James Buchanan
John Henry Lane
Charles L. Robinson
Wild Bill Hickok
Senator David Senator Atchinson
Preston Brooks (Democratic Congressman from South Carolina)
Charles L. Robinson
Charles Sumner (Republican Senator from Massachusetts)
Lily Beaumont (first appearance; next in issue #7)
Taylor Beaumont (her father; first appearance; dies)
Micah Beaumont (her brother; first appearance; dies)
Jesse Beaumont (her brother; first appearance; dies)
John Glenowen (first appearance)
Mary Glenowen (his daughter; first appearance)
Morgan Walker (a slave owner; first appearance)


Kansas City, Missouri
Lawrence, Kansas
Smallville, KS (in the present)
Metropolis (in the present)
Washington, DC


This issue relates the history of the Kent family May 19, 1855 to September 21, 1856 or thereafter.
Story continued from the previous issue and continues in the next issue.

Story Reprinted in:

The Kents (1999)
DC Comics Presents: Superman – The Kents #1 (January 2012)