Created by Gardner F. Fox and Harry Lampert

The Original Universe


Official Name: Keystone City
Location: On the border of Kansas and Missouri, across from Central City, MO
Prominent Inhabitants: Flash (Jay Garrick), Joan Garrick, Flash (Wally West), Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Jakeem Thunder (Jakeem Williams)
First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 (January 1940)
Creators: Gardner F. Fox and Harry Lampert


Keystone City, Kansas, was established in 1827, with horseshoeing was as the major occupation. The town has now grown into a big city that has long served as home for the Flash, originally Jay Garrick during the 1940s and, more recently, Wally West. Keystone spent many years in a literal state of limbo thanks to a spell cast by the Fiddler but was finally rescued by the second Flash, Barry Allen, who lived across the river in Keystone’s “twin city”, Central City, Missouri.

In the circa ten years since then, Keystone has aggressively tried to bridge the technological and cultural gap, its enthusiasm attracting "jobs and money" from neighboring communities. Today the city's major employer is century-old auto manufacturer Keystone Motors and its population takes pride in their hometown's status as "the blue-collar capital of the U.S.”