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Created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver

Kryb; Art by Jerry Ordway
The Original Universe


Occupation: Sinestro Corps soldier
Homeworld: Vora
Space Sector: 3599
Group Affiliation(s): Sinestro Corps
Gender: Female
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 (August 2007): "Sinestro Corps, Prologue: The Second Rebirth"
Creators: Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver


Kryb was believed to be a scary bedtime story told in far off Sector 3599, but truth is stranger than fiction. She was a monster that murdered parents and stole their infant children for reasons as yet unknown. A cage like sac would open on her back to hold the many infants she had stolen. It is not currently known if being held in this sac has any adverse effects on the captured infants. Her induction into the Sinestro Corps has increased her ability to strike beyond Sector 3599.

She was one of thousands on Qward during the capture of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, and his separation from the Ion entity. Parallax was then able to graft himself onto Rayner. Even though the Green Lanterns sent to rescue Ion were massively outnumbered, they were able to free the willpower entity, though Parallax still held onto Kyle Rayner.

Since wielding the yellow ring, she has preyed upon Green Lanterns with infant children of their own. As read from the Book of Parallax by Lyssa Drak, Kryb has struck against Jeryll of Glirell, Green Lantern of Space Sector 55, stealing her infant daughter Sarikyn and slaying the baby's father. Momentarily overwhelmed by fear, Jeryll too was slain by Kryb. Kryb calls these children the "Orphans of the Green Lantern Corps." As with the children she stole before joining the Sinestro Corps, it is not known if there is some underlying plan for the offspring of the Green Lanterns.

Kryb was part of the massive invasion of Earth, battling Green Lanterns both on and above the planet. The Sinestro Corps was ultimately defeated by the Green Lantern Corps, and Sinestro was captured. The Anti-Monitor, Superboy-Prime, and the Cyobrg Superman were believed to be dead and/or run off planet.

Currently, Kryb remains at large. She is being hunted by at least three Green Lanterns with a personal stake in her capture, parents-to-be Amnee Pree and Matoo Pree with Green Lantern KT21, mother of BJ.


As a member of the Sinestro Corps, Kryb possesses a yellow power ring and power battery.


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"It is not currently known if being held in this sac has any adverse effects on the captured infants." Well, I may be wrong about that. Take a look at Kryb in the lower left of the 2 page "War of Light" spread in Green Lantern Vol. 4 #25. She’s sprouting tiny arms.