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Created by Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons

Lyssa Drak.jpg
Lyssa Drak; Art by Dave Gibbons
The Original Universe


Occupation: Sinestro Corps soldier, Keeper of the Book of Parallax
Homeworld: Talok IV
Space Sector: 3500
Group Affiliation(s): Sinestro Corps
Gender: Female
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 4 #18/2 (May 2007): "Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Despotellis Spreads Fear"
Creators: Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons


A native of Talok IV, Lyssa Drak bears more of a resemblance to the inhabitants of Talok VIII (homeworld of Lyrissa Mallor and Lydea Mallor of L.E.G.I.O.N.,) than Talok III (homeworld of Starman Mikaal Tomas). How she was inducted into the Sinestro Corps is a story yet to be told, but it presumably within the pages of the Book of Parallax, of which she is its keeper. The Book is shackled to her left arm by a chain of yellow energy created by Sinestro himself, while she wields a yellow power ring on her right hand. While some may consider this a punishment, Lyssa Drak considers it a source of great joy and has exhibited great devotion to Sinestro.

In the Archive Tower on Qward, Lyssa Drak would await those judged by Arkillo to be ready for their next phase of training. Their rings would be drained by the Book of Parallax and the recruit would enter a Fear Lodge. Within the darkness, the recruit would need to embrace their own fears and light their power rings with but a spark of fear. This would in turn open the Fear Lodge. If not, some recruits had died of thirst or hunger, or taken their own lives.

To prepare for his entry into a Fear Lodge, Lyssa Drak told Amon Sur of Ungara of Sinestro Corps soldiers Kiriazis and Low, and read three stories from the Book of Parallax, those of Despotellis, Karu-Sil, and Bedovian.

Once the Sinestro Corps had taken Kyle Rayner and corrupted him with the Parallax entity, it would not be long before other Green Lanterns came to Qward to retrieve Ion. Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner were pulled through the Central Power Battery to the antimatter universe. There, Stewart and Gardner were chained and tortured with their fears by Parallax.

Due to the timely arrival of the Lost Lanterns, Jordan managed to evade Parallax to look for his fellow Green Lanterns of Earth. Accompanied by Green Lanterns Graf Toren and Tomar-Tu they encountered Lyssa Drak. The Keeper of the Book of Parallax was eager to add the stories of their deaths to the Book, but she met her match with Hal Jordan.

The Sinestro Corps ultimately faced the Green Lantern Corps on Earth and was defeated. Many soldiers in the Sinestro Corps died in the war, many escaped, and many were captured.

When the Green Lantern Corps were detaining Qwardians in the anti-matter universe, Lyssa Drak was turned over to the custody of Green Lanterns Matoo Pree and his wife Amnee Pree. Since Lyssa Drak knew of their stories, she took the opportunity to tell them the tale of Kryb. The Sinestro Corps soldier of Sector 3599 had killed Green Lantern Jeryll of Glirell in Sector 55 and taken the Green Lantern's infant child. As expected, the story greatly unnerved the pregnant Amnee Pree.

Lyssa Drak is currently being held in a sciencell on Oa while she awaits trial. A number of Green Lanterns have tried to interrogate her to no avail. To their frustration, she invariably responds with stories about her fellow Sinestro Corps members.


As a member of the Sinestro Corps, Lyssa Drak possesses a yellow power ring and power battery.


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