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Created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke

Manitou Raven.png
Manitou Raven
The Original Universe


Status: Deceased
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Manitou Dawn (wife)
Group Affiliation(s): The Ancients; Justice League of America
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
First Appearance: JLA #66 (July 2002): "The Destroyers Part 1"
Creators: Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke


A North American shaman from 3,000 years ago, Manitou Raven was the first to detect the evil of seemingly benevolent sorceress Gamemnae and turn against her in favour of the time-lost JLA. He and his wife Dawn then came to the present, his future, and Manitou served as the Justice League's resident mystic. He joined the undercover Elite group, where he perished trying to prevent a great evil being unleashed from the Source Wall. At the moment of his death, the Black Racer granted him a boon, and he was able to pass on his power to his wife.


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