The Original Universe


Name: Mars (planet)
Aliases: Oan designate 2814.38.D
Location: Fourth planet in star system
Space Sector: 2814
Sun(s): Sol
Moon(s): Deimos, Phobos
Size: Mass 0.11, Radius 0.53
Environment: Terrestrial planet; Desert world, (32 F day / -190 F night)
Atmosphere: Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon
Dominant Lifeform: Maleca'andrians (Green Martians and White Martians, virtually extinct)
Prominent Inhabitants: Martian Manhunter; Miss Martian; Hyperclan; Fernus; Renegades of Mars; Malefic; J'ahrl J'onzz; A'monn A'mokk; D'kay D'razz


Mars is 1.52 AU from the sun, with a sidereal revolution of 687 days and a rotation period ("day") of 24.6 days. It has a 25 degree tilt, giving the planet four distinct, extreme seasons. The planet is named for the Roman god of war, Mars.


Mars had once been the homeworld of the Maleca'andrian Empire. Both Green and White Martians explored and claimed the Solar System, finding life only on the planet Earth.

Though the planet Mars has not been claimed by any one Earth nation, the United States of America had installed a base for the Human Defense Corps which was attacked during the 100-Minute War with New Krypton.