MAX MERCURY (Max (last name possibly Crandall))BIOGRAPHY
Created by Jack Cole and Chuck Mazoujian

The Original Universe


Real Name: Max (last name possibly Crandall)
Aliases: Windrunner; Whip Whirlwind; Blue Streak; Quicksilver
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Presumed single
Known Relatives: Helen Claiborne (daughter)
Base of Operation: Manchester, Alabama
Gender: Male
Hair: White (originally brown)
First Appearance: National Comics #5/3 (November 1940) [Quality]
Creators: Jack Cole and Chuck Mazoujian


Known to those who ride the lightning as the 'zen guru of speed', Max Mercury is the oldest living speedster on the planet. Since he was blessed by the speedforce over 150 years ago, he has gone by many names - Windrunner, Blue Streak, Whip Whirlwind and Quicksilver among them. His longevity is accounted for by the fact that he has on several occasions come into close contact with the speed force that grants his powers but, for some reason, has not been absorbed into it, rather being catapulted into the future.

Having acted as guide and mentor to many super-speeding heroes, Max has most recently been a father figure to young Impulse, training him not only in the use of his speed but in the ways of the world. However, the evil speedster Rival has forced Max out of the usual physical plane of existence, and it is unknown how it may be possible to retrieve him.


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