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Created by ? [as Lance Blackwood] and Dan Zolnerowich

The Original Universe


Real Name: Jock Kellog
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Playboy, later adventurer
Status: Deceased
Citizenship: British Scot
Marital Status: Presumed Single
Known Relatives: Unnamed uncle (deceased); Merlin (supposed ancestor); Jepson Kellog (cousin); Ronnie Kellog (19th Century ancestor)
Base of Operation: Mobile
Group Affiliation(s): All-Star Squadron
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance: National Comics #1/2 (July 1940) [Qualtiy]
Creators: ? [as Lance Blackwood] and Dan Zolnerowich


While partying and spending the last of his family's fortune, playboy Jock Kellog received news that his uncle was dying in the countryside outside of London. Rushing to his only living relative's side, believing he was sure to be the heir of his fortune, Kellog was shocked to see his home was a simple thatched cottage. Finding his uncle on his deathbed, the elderly man told him his inheritance was not earthly riches, but the Cloak of Merlin, and his destiny was to wield magics like his famous ancestor. Scoffing, Jock took the cloak to humor the old man and headed back to London, now entirely penniless.

Donning the Cloak to tell the story to his friends, Kellog saw a woman falling from a high window in his hotel. He felt the urge to speak a magical phrase and slowed the woman's descent to a gentle leap. He knew instantly the Cloak had given him abilities to cast magic spells and how to use them. Taking the name Merlin, he roamed Europe and later the world, using his magic to stop Axis armies and their monstrosities.

In 1945, Merlin the Magician assisted a group of mystic All-Star Squadron members to battle the disciples of Stalker, but was killed by Stalker's arrival on Earth.


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