The Original Universe


Official Name: Metropolis
Aliases: the Big Apricot, the City of Tomorrow
Location: Northeastern United States Seaboard
Former Mayors: Mayor Manning; Mayor Frank Berkowitz, Mayor Fleming,
Prominent Inhabitants: Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Lex Luthor
Notable Sights: Daily Planet; WGBS Building; Superman Museum
First Appearance: Action Comics #16 (September 1939)


Metropolis has been host to a number of costumed heroes over the years (including the Guardian, the Newsboy Legion, Thorn II, Black Lightning, Booster Gold, Gangbuster, Supergirl, Steel III, and the Creeper) but none greater than its adoptive son, Superman. With a current population of 6.7 million, Metropolis is home to the ubiquitous conglomerate Lexcorp and such media concerns as the Daily Planet, Galaxy Communications, and Newstime. Far from such affluent enterprises is "ten blocks of concentrated poverty" called Suicide Slum, an area officially known as Hob's Bay. Metropolis has been severely tested more than once, from being partially burned down by the British in the great fire of 1783 to its near-destruction by Lex Luthor in more recent times. But it has continued to endure and thrive, more recently being transformed by the B13 Virus' futuristic technology into a true City of Tomorrow.


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