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Created by Peter David and Tod Smith

The Original Universe


Occupation: Professional criminal
Base of Operation: Chicago
Gender: Male
Height: 3'
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Blond
First Appearance: behind the scenes: Action Comics Weekly #609 (July 19, 1988): "Cutting Remarks"
in person: Action Comics Weekly #612 (August 9, 1988): "Mind Over Matter"
Creators: Peter David and Tod Smith


A bitter, resentful man, the villain only known as Mind Games claimed he was constantly ridiculed and put down by women and his colleagues refused to take his work seriously. A man of great intellect and power, he created a ray gun and projecting dish to claim what he thought should, by all rights, be his. - Action Comics Weekly #612

Sending a beam out at random, Mind Games struck Morris Levine, a married man and father of two. Levine went on a killing rampage, starting at an antique swords and weaponry store. He attacked patrons at a local diner before he was faced by Green Lantern Hal Jordan. - Action Comics Weekly #609-- 610

In a note sent to the investigating detective, Lieutenant Rensaleer, Mind Games claimed responsibility and demanded five hundred thousand dollars if his price was not paid. Though Mind Games gave a six P.M. deadline, the detective thought it was a sick joke and threw the note away.- Action Comics Weekly #610

Former Green Lantern Arisia of Graxos IV almost found herself the next victim of Mind Games' scheme. A Chicago hotel employee went on a rampage, threatening her, before she could subdue him.

Green Lantern took both of them to the police where he met with Lieutenant Rensaleer. Twenty-seven rampages had occured since Mind Games' six o'clock deadline and Rensaleer was now taking the discarded note seriously. Unfortunately for the detective, Mind Games had become agitated by the lack of response the authorities had shown to his threat. Hoping to drive his message across, Mind Games' next target was police headquarters and as fate would have it, Green Lantern himself was struck. - Action Comics Weekly #611

Rensaleer managed to protect himself until Mind Games' influence wore off but by that time, the villain had made a greater threat. Rather than choosing one person at a time, the next attack would drive ten percent of the city's population temporarily insane for a two minute period. Though he was unable to block the broadcast, Green Lantern was able to trace it to a projection dish miles outside of the city. Destroying the dish and the gun that fired the force at the dish for broadcast, the ring wielder went inside the bunker-like building which housed the weapon. The hero did not realize Mind Games himself was the source of the mind-altering power.- Action Comics Weekly #612

Mind Games ran Green Lantern through a series of emotions: hate, passion, jealousy and finally fear. Unfortunately for Mind Games, he did not realize Green Lantern was completely without fear and therefore, the emotion had absolutely no effect on the emerald gladiator. Green Lantern recovered immediately. A strong punch defeated the power hungry menace.- Action Comics Weekly #613

The current activities of Mind Games have yet to be revealed.


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