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Mister Terrific 1


Cover Date: November 2011
Cover Price: $2.99
Publication Date: 2011-09-14


Cover Credits:
Art: J.G. Jones
Colors: Lovern Kindzierski

Story: "Software Update" (20 Pages)


StoryEric Wallace
PencilsGianluca Gugliotta
InksWayne Faucher
LetteringDave Sharpe
ColorsMichael Atiyeh
Assistant editingKate Stewart
EditingJoey Cavalieri

Feature Character(s):

Mister Terrific (Michael Holt; last in DC Universe Presents #0/2; also in flashback preceding DC Universe Presents #0/2)

Supporting Character(s):

Paula Holt (dies in flashback following flashback in issue #3)
Aaron Holt (in flashback)
Karen Starr (last in flashback in Worlds' Finest #2)
Aleeka Okafur (first appearance; next in issue #6)
Doctor Phillip Lyong (first appearance)
Jamaal Mason (first appearance)


Miles Dalton (first appearance)
Brainstorm (last in flashback in issue #3; behind the scenes)

Other Character(s):

Edgar Holowitz (first appearance; under the mental control of Brainstorm; next in issue #3)
Senator Emilio Gonzales (first appearance)
Holt Industries


London, England
Los Angeles, California


In London, England Mister Terrific battles Miles Dalton, an entrepreneur suspected of trafficking in weapons. Dalton attacks Mr. Terrific in an exo-skeleton of super armor, but Terrific outsmarts him. Michael reflects on his own history as a gold-medal athlete, multiple doctorate holder and successful businessman, who tragically lost his Wife Paula Holt and unborn son in an auto-accident. He considered suicide, but a phenomenon affecting one of his inventions revealed a visitor from the future, his unborn son Aaron Holt (Michael would have named him Aaron), who convinces Michael to "continue to educate the world" - echoing the dying words of Paula. Michael returns to his Los Angeles, California home, where he has a house guest named Karen Starr, CEO of Starrware, a multi-million dollar software company.

Meanwhile an ordinary man, Edgar Holowitz, mysteriously obtains super-intellect and simultaneously exhibits contempt for the human race, committing at least one murder. He is apprehended by the L.A.P.D., who call Mr. Terrific to investigate. Mr. Terrific is unable to explain the man's transformation, and visits his extra-dimensional headquarters constructed by Michael in the 9th dimension to study the phenomenon closer.

Later, Michael invites her to a fund-raiser for his company, Holt Industries, for a presidential candidate Senator Emilio Gonzales. In attendance are two Holt employees: Aleeka Okafur (who has a confrontation with Karen inspired by jealousy) and Jamaal, a young science prodigy. Michael is affected by the same unseen force affecting Holowitz earlier, and turns one of his inventions (an earth-quake stabilizer which can also harness the power of earth-quakes), against the Senator, for whom he has sudden contempt.