Created by Denny O'Neil and Jerry Grandenetti

The Original Universe


Real Name: Jim Rook
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Former Rock Star and Bookstore owner, later owner of the Oblivion Bar
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nacht (ancestor), unnamed father (deceased)
Base of Operation: Myrra, later the Oblivion Bar
Group Affiliation(s): The Electrics, Shadowpact
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 183 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with grey highlights
First Appearance: Showcase #82 (May 1969): "Some Forbidden Fate"
Creators: Denny O'Neil and Jerry Grandenetti


Thousands of years ago, the mighty warrior Nacht was driven from his otherdimensional world of Myrra by his rival Brom and the evil magician Farben. While Nacht's magic Nightsword inserted itself into a stone pillar, Nacht himself ended up on Earth where he settled down under his family name of Roke.

In 1969, Jim Rook, lead singer of the rock band called the Electrics, entered an abandoned store on Manhattan named Oblivion, Inc. and was magically transported to Myrra. One of Nacht's descendants, Rook reluctantly claimed his ancestor's Sword and became the new protector of Myrra – the Nightmaster. Although Rook really wanted to return to Earth, he found himself in the midst on the conflict between Myrra's King Zolto and the evil Warlocks, when the Warlocks captured Rook's girlfriend, Janet Jones. After several adventures battling the Warlocks and making new allies like the albino Boz and the brutish Tickeytarkapolis "Tark" Troutrust, Jim and Janet returned to Earth.

Now in his middle age, Jim Rook is the owner of an occult book store based in Oblivion, Inc., a store frequently visited by William Twotrees, a.k.a. Will Power of the heroic Leymen. When the Leymen were captured by the evil organization called the August, Rook once again donned the Sword of Night and went into action as Nightmaster, helping the Leymen save the Earth from being re-shaped by the August.

Still later, Nightmaster returned during an encounter with the Swamp Thing. At this time, it was suggested that Myrra was actually a hallucination coming alive, a manifestation of Rook’s desire to retreat into his childhood fantasies. These statements should probably be regarded as false or apocryphical.

Nightmaster was recently one of the founding members of the mystical hero team Shadowpact.


Nightmaster has no superpowers, but is skilled with his magic sword, the Nightsword.


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