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Nightwing: The Target


Cover Date: 2001
Cover Price: $5.95


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Scott McDaniel (signed)
Inks: Aaron Sowd (Signed)
Colors: Nathan Eyring

Story: [No title] (48 Pages)


StoryChuck Dixon
PencilsScott McDaniel
InksAaron Sowd
LetteringWillie Schubert
ColorsDave Stewart
EditingMichael Wright

Feature Character(s):

Nightwing II (also appears as The Target)

Supporting Character(s):

Amy Rohrbach
Phil Addad (last in Nightwing 80-Page Giant #1; next in Nightwing Vol. 2 #74)
Jonathan Law (between Nightwing Vol. 2 #48 and #54)


Mac Arnot (in between Nightwing Vol. 2 #50 and #67)
Miller and his cronies (first appearance)
Binh Dan (first appearance; Afghanistanian drug dealer)

Other Character(s):

Walter (first appearance; an honest cop)
Reardon (first appearance; a police officer)
Alvie Carter (first appearance)
Bigs (first appearance)
Mrs Carter (first appearance)


For the first time, Dick Grayson is able to go out on patrol solo. He happens upon two guys running from four police officers, but when he follows he witnesses the police beating up the guys, who are offering no resistance, When he tries to reason with the officers, he is knocked out for his trouble. He wakes up chained to a hospital bed, with internal affairs investigating him for the death of one person and serious injury of another - with four cops as witnesses.
Having been told to retire the Nightwing identity for the time being by Batman, Dick takes to the streets as the Target. He discovers that the guy in hospital is not one of those he saw running from the police - they got the wrong people. He tracks down a cop who works in the area where the trouble happened, and identifies the two people he saw (Bigs and Alvie), who just 'went indie' from a major drug dealer; he passes this info onto homicide detective Addad.
He is given a help by his partner Sergeant Rohrbach, which makes up for the timidity and uselessness of his lawyer. At night, back in the identity of the Target, he tracks down the drug dealer, Binh Dan, who he suspects hired the police officers to kill Bigs and Alvie and extorts some information from him. He then sets fire to Binh Dan's stock of drugs, summoning Miller and his police cronies to the scene. Meanwhile, Rohrbach tracks down Bigs and Alvie, just as Binh Dan discovers that they aren't as dead as he supposed. Between her and The Target, the cops are stopped in their tracks, the drug dealers are captured, and Bigs and Alvie tell what really happened. Dick Grayson is re-instated to the police force, but knows he is now a marked man, having refused to toe the party line.