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Created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy

The Original Universe


Aliases: Organization for General Revenge and Enslavement
Former Members:  Supreme OneTyphoonHuntressKrakoBlack Manta,
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol. 1 #26 (March 1966): "From O.G.R.E. With Hate"
Creators: Bob Haney and Nick Cardy



The Organization for General Revenge and Enslavement was a small but persistent criminal group, led by the black-hooded Supreme One, with specially trained foot-soldiers wearing brown uniforms and red helmets. O.G.R.E. was assigned by a foreign government to retrieve a cache of nuclear missiles beneath an island resort. Aquaman and Mera investigated the matter and were forced to fight the lovers known as Typhoon (I) and the Huntress (II). When it was revealed that the couple were forced to do the O.G.R.E.'s bidding due to a death threat, Mera persuaded them into turning against their masters, and O.G.R.E. was defeated. Months later, a man named Krako (twin brother of Aquaman's government liaison, the Tall Man) re-organized the O.G.R.E. and threatened the United Nations, but they were once again defeated by Aquaman and Mera. Still later, O.G.R.E. made a final attempt to get rid of Aquaman, hiring Black Manta to take him on while a tycoon named Eliot Harlanson was persuaded into bombing Atlantis. This time, the government saved the day, located O.G.R.E.'s central HQ and destroyed the organization.


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