Created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy

The Original Universe


Real Name: Orm Marius
Occupation: Criminal, Royal usurper
Citizenship: American
Known Relatives: Atlan (father; deceased); Aquaman (Arthur Curry) (half-brother); Mary O'Sullivan (alleged mother)
Base of Operation: Mobile
Group Affiliation(s): Injustice Gang of the World; Injustice Gang
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol. 1 #29 (September-October 1966): "Aquaman, Coward-King of the Seas!"
Creators: Bob Haney and Nick Cardy


Orm Marius a.k.a. the Ocean Master is the illegitimate son of the Atlantean sorcerer Atlan, and thus the half-brother of Aquaman. According to the Atlantis Chronicles, the two of them are part of an neverending ancient cycle of "brother fighting brother". Although neither of them learned of their relation until recently, they may have suspected it, having been mortal enemies for years. (Some sources even claim that Orm originally believed he was the son of lighthouse keeper Arthur Tom Curry, Aquaman's foster father and Mary O'Sullivan.) In their first clash, Orm challenged Aquaman for the rulership of Atlantis. He was defeated, but the high-tech pirate would return time and again, battling Aquaman, Aqualad, the JLA and the Teen Titans (I) over the years. Occasionally, he would ally himself with villains such as Black Manta, the Shark, the Queen Bee (I) or the original Injustice Gang.

In recent years, Orm started favoring magic instead of technology. Using the Twelve Crystals of the Zodiac in battle against his brother and the sorceress Nuada Silverhand, he was destroyed by the magical backlash. Some time later, he returned, apparently revived by the demon Neron, and by him given a magic powerstaff in exchange for his soul. Leading a small civilization of offshoots from Atlantis, he attacked Aquaman and Dolphin. However, Aquaman had recently learned of their relation and told Orm of it. The resulting confusion disrupted Orm’s magic power and ended the fight.

Ocean Master has since faced the JLA twice, once as a member of Luthor’s Injustice Gang (II), and still later allied with Black Manta in a failed attempt to take over Atlantis in Aquaman’s absence. Now and forever, the Ocean Master is determined to one day become King of the Seven Seas.


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